How Does the Legal System Work in Australia?

I’m definitely not a lawyer, nor have I studied any form of law.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Australian laws, well, laws in general to be honest. There’s a difference between what is right and what is wrong, if someone does the wrong thing by you, in the past you would take justice in your own hands. The problem here is, some people in the past would simply use ”might as right” and use ”justice” as a reason to go around ”wronging” weaker people. So, I’m assuming that we got together to create a collective ”justice” for when something ”wrong” has happened, and a way of measuring the punishment (justice) for such ”wrongs”.

What’s the point of having Australian laws, if they don’t give us justice?

Are Australian Laws Designed to give us ”Justice”?

I’ve always just assumed that the ”Australian laws” were laws the were created by intelligent people who knew the difference between right and wrong. For these mythical people, (whoever they may be) to create laws, they first need to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Once they come to a consensus on what is right, only then can these people create laws to protect us from bad people who would like to ”wrong” us. Right?

How do these ”super intelligent legislators” figure out what is right and what is wrong?

Who in Australia Decides What is Right and What is Wrong?

To me, I would think that it’s quite obvious what is right and what is wrong, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized over time that the world is a seriously immoral place. This means that these ”mythical intelligent legislators” are most probably immoral people themselves. So, if these super-intelligent (immoral) legislators were to get their hands on the Australian laws, then we must be living in a society that has very little justice.

Are the Australian laws in place to protect the general public or the government? It seems to me that these laws are in place to protect the government and wealthy people only.

Do the Australian Laws Protect Our Human Rights?

Why does Australia have laws if they are unjust? What was the real purpose of creating laws in the first place? What are the Australian laws supposed to achieve? Are the Australian laws just in place to give the government power over the general public, or are the Australian laws created to protect the general public from things that are deemed to be immoral, unjust etc.

Are the Australian laws created to protect the general public’s human rights? At least in this case, we can simply refer to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights to find out what the agreed-upon human rights are, then double-check to see if our own country protects these UN human rights within our own country. That’s an easy exercise to take, we can fact check to see if human rights are being protected in Australia quite easily. What if the Australian laws don’t protect our human rights? What action can we take?

Who Are These Superior Legislators?

It would seem that these legislators, (whoever they may be), are above us average human beings at the bottom of society. There seems to be a belief that the lower classes if they were left to their own devices, would create chaos because they are the immoral lower classes for a reason. Right? Sure, a collective ”justice” does protect the individual from hoards of people going on witch hunts, so it makes sense why we need some form of collective justice, but who creates these ”laws” and for the benefit of whom?

Who Enforces Australian Laws?

The law can only be enforced with violence, so these superhuman legislators have put in place a system of enforcers, who use violence (legally) to uphold the law. These enforcers are the Australian police, who are the only people in Australian society who have the ability to use violence (legally) against people.

But you see, here we have this word called ”the law” and who creates these ”laws”, well it’s our mythical superintelligent legislators, who are above society. I have seen immoral use of laws by police to unjustly hurt people in the name of these ”laws”. What if the laws were unjust? Maybe my definition of ”justice” is different from these ”magical, all-seeing legislators”. What if the definition of justice these legislators use is one of class divide? What if someone born into the higher classes received different forms of ”justice” than the people at the bottom?

Aren’t These Legislators Human Too?

If the world is an immoral place (which I have observed it to be myself), wouldn’t it be logical to say that some of these mythical superhuman legislators could be immoral too? I wouldn’t say this is an offensive thing to think about, considering how immoral the world is today, it would only make sense to believe that some of these people at the top of Australian society are in fact using their power and influence to engage in some immoral legislation. Right?

Can we ask these Australian legislators to put new laws in place to protect our human rights? Or won’t they listen to us peasants?

How do we get in contact with these ”mythical, super-intelligent legislators” and ask them why our human rights are not protected? Would these superhuman legislators (who put themselves above the rest of us) even listen to us peasants at the bottom of society?

How Do We Legislate The Legislators?

Let’s just say we use the most credible, most widely agreed upon source we have, the United Nations human rights charter. And we discover that our superhuman legislators have in fact made a mistake? They are only human after all, aren’t they? It might be easy to jump to the conclusion that these legislators are immoral, but let’s give these mere human beings a break, and assume they simply made an honest mistake. Or two. Maybe three.

How do we get these simple mistakes fixed? What is the process? Who do we speak to and how do we get these laws changed?

Only Wealthy Australians Have Access To The Protection of these Australian Laws?

How often is an Australian law in place, yet the law has been broken, not to mention the law has not been enforced? What if something unjust has happened to you? How do you get justice?

Unfortunately for you, if you cannot afford to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the best possible lawyers, you will never get justice in Australia. No matter how unjust, how immoral the incident was, if the police, media, and local politician all decide to ignore you, you will never receive justice in Australia.

Oh, and the whole idea of taking justice in your own hands, well, that will not end well for you either, you will find yourself suffering the consequences of these ”laws” if you try to get justice for yourself.

This unfortunately puts the majority of Australians in the position where we are entirely at the whims of people in power. We have to beg them for justice and hope they show pitty on us peasants at the bottom of society. I’d argue that a ”just” society would give protection of the law to people of all classes, and would not discriminate against people based on how much money they have in their bank account.

But unfortunately, that’s how it works in Australia. Only people with money have access to privileges like human rights or ”justice” (whatever that means), through a thing called ”the law” which was created by a bunch of magical superhuman legislators who like to think of themselves as gods, rather than human beings. Well, we do treat them like omnipotent godlike superhumans, who can see further and are all-knowing.

Unfortunately for us peasants at the bottom, we have no justice, no protections, no right to stand up for ourselves. Hell. Maybe even asking these questions is a thought crime in Australia, because we peasants are not allowed to even question our omnipotent godlike legislators

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