How The Chinese And South Koreans Work Against The West (Eastwood)

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Way before Drew Pavlou protested Xi Jinping in Eastwood Sydney, I made this video explaining just how much of a threat the people living here are to freedom in Australia.

Luckily since Drew Pavlou protested in Eastwood, the CCP sympathizers came out to expose themselves for the CCP agents they truly are.

I’ve been proven correct yet again.

Today I want to introduce you guys to a suburb by the name of Eastwood. It is north of Sydney, and there’s this train track that runs straight down the middle.

There’s a station, Eastwood Station that separates Eastwood. And one side of Eastwood is a Korean side, and the other side is a Chinese side.

I’m going to go for a walk around and tell you guys what’s going on over here. Quite often, if you’re a white guy walking around with a camera, people come over and question you.

If I was an Asian guy walking around with a camera, no one would question me. It’d be perfectly okay. But as a white guy, there are often questions.

Eastwood in Sydney is a Chinese communist party controlled, fascist, colony.

CCP Spies in Australia (Eastwood)

So there’s a Korean market. If you have a look around, almost all of the shops here are Korean. This is the east side of the station, also filming at night.

It’s just apart from the cars. If you have a look at all the stores. The vast majority of the stores are Korean.

All the Korean writing all the way through. None of them hire white people, people from the subcontinent, or black people.

It’s quite racist the way that they do business. And some of these shops do not even show English writing.

So they don’t even want English-speaking people to even buy things from their shops. That’s how racist they are.

But I think it’s interesting for you guys to be aware that there’s something happening where you have the Koreans and the Chinese working together in suburbs like Eastwood.

Where they live, to some extent harmoniously, but they live separated.

How Chinese Communist Party Agents Infiltrate The West (Eastwood)

One side will be Korean and the other side will be Chinese. I think that’s very interesting.

Also, I’d like to have a commentary on how if you were to be a white guy walking around here.

It would be very difficult to connect with this community. They won’t want to allow you into their community because of your race.

It’s very racist. They like to call it the Asian Brotherhood.

And the Asian Brotherhood is like the modern version of the Asian Nazi.

They’re very common and they build suburbs all-around countries like Australia.

Now, if you think that I’m having a go at Asians because they come from poor countries, I don’t think so.

I think the opposite is true. When you think about Korea, they have a car brand that has been a success, Hyundai.

They have Samsung, which has been a successful brand as well. They’re a very successful country Korea.

So I don’t think I’m punching down at all. If anything, I’m punching up. I’m thinking, well, if you’ve come to my country and you’re so rich, why are you so racist?

And why do you only hire your own people? I don’t think that that’s fair at all.

Sydney Eastwood is a Chinese communist party colony
Sydney Eastwood is a Chinese communist party colony

Eastwood in Sydney is Controlled By The CCP

If you were to walk around this area with an Asian girl, if you are a white guy, black guy, or someone from the subcontinent, and you were to be walking around here.

One thing that you’ll notice is that the elderly in suburbs like this will abuse you, they will threaten you, and they will give the Asian girl with you a bad look because they don’t want any foreigners dating Asian girls.

That’s to some extent why they built this little racist colony and that’s a fact.

I’ve spent a lot of time in suburbs like Eastwood trying to become part of their communities, but they would never really let me in.

There’s a Vietnamese shop over there. And also, if you look around, you will notice that some of the shops almost they mix Korean and Japanese.

I think it’s quite interesting how a lot of Japanese stores, will have Koreans running them, and they pretend to be Japanese when in fact, they’re not.

But when you look around, there’s Koreans and there’s Chinese building these little colonies, these little suburbs.

Koreans Are Working For The CCP in Eastwood

But apart from a suburb called Cabramatta, where you have a lot of Vietnamese, the Thais don’t do it. The Filipinos don’t do it.

No other real Asian race. There are no Japanese that have their own suburb either. So I think it’s quite odd and kind of it’s not what you say, it’s what you do if you build a suburb like this.

It’s more evidence that the Koreans and the Chinese are far more racist than any other agents that we let into the country.

Now, again, if you think I’m punching down the poor little Koreans, I think you need to have a bit of a reality check.

Chinese Suburbs in Australia Can Be Full of CCP Spies (Eastwood)

I think it’s fascinating how one side is entirely Korean when the opposite side is entirely Chinese. It’s fascinating to see how Chinese and Koreans work together to build a suburb in Australia called Eastwood.

Yeah, because I guess they don’t really want anything to do with the Australian people, but on top of that, they want to work together with other Asians.

The Asian Brotherhood, the Asian Nazi hood, I call it, because they’re quite racist. But they even hate each other so much that they take one side for the Koreans and the other side for the Chinese.

If you ever were to come up to Eastwood, it would be fascinating for you to come down and check it out.

Now I want to tell you guys a story about a Korean guy that I met recently. He came to Australia and went to University to study.

He just chose a subject that would help him get permanent residency and citizenship. And once he got permanent residency and citizenship, what he did was he went straight down to Centrelink and joined up.

So that the Australian government can pay for him to go back to University and study again. Then he was able to vote as well.

No doubt he will be voting to allow more parasites into the country. I think that’s quite funny calling them parasites Because the way he’s acting is very much similar to a parasite.

They have Kpop. Some of the most famous bands in the world come from Korea. They have BTS, which has won major awards in the United States.

They parasite the movie last year from Korea, I believe, won an Academy Award. Samsung, of course, Hyundai, Korea is a very rich country.

They have some of the most advanced Internet speeds in the world. If anything, I’m punching up. I’m asking the Koreans.

I’m asking because I’m a leftist at heart. I’m asking for a fair go, and I’m asking them to not be so racist and against the Australian people.

Now I’m up top over a bridge so you can get a better view. It’s still not the best view, but there’s the station.

How China Is Colonizing Australia From Within (Eastwood)

But it’s interesting to know that immigrants are able to come to Australia, pay a little bit of money, get citizenship and then literally feed off our economy.

Now I’m on the Chinese side. It’s quite interesting to see that one side is entirely Chinese and the other side is entirely Korean.

And if anyone wants to accuse me of punching down and bullying the poor little Asians, well, China is now the largest country in the world, the largest economy in the world, and the largest population in the world.

They have some high technologies like Huawei, the first country in the world to create 5G. They build hospitals within 24 hours or 48 hours.

They have super apps like WeChat. They’re an advanced civilization and the richest people on Earth. There are more billionaires in China than anywhere else on planet Earth.

So I’m not punching down. If anything, I’m punching up to the superior Chinese because they own everything and, well, to some extent they own most of Australia.

They own our politicians. They bought out our farms. They bought out so many things in Australia.

Eastwood Is An Asian Immigrant Welfare Burden on Australia

So I’m not punching down at all. If anything, I’m punching up.

So if anyone wants to criticize that but Eastwood, I have noticed in my hundreds of times coming out here is like the retirement village for old Chinese.

What they do is they come here, they get citizenship and they bring grandma and grandpa in.

And grandma and grandpa, no matter how rich China is, still send her here.

She gets the pension, she feeds our pension, of the Australian taxpayers.

I think that’s quite offensive considering China the country that these people come from is now sanctioning my country.

I think that’s quite offensive that we have a whole load of Chinese pensioners in this country right now, sucking off the teeth of the Australian government while the Chinese government is sanctioning us. It’s quite disgusting when you think about it.

China Is Recruiting Koreans As CCP Spies

There are many suburbs like this where Chinese and Koreans work together in suburbs, but none other like Eastwood it’s so obvious in Eastwood, one side.

The train station is Korean, the other side is Chinese.

It is amazing when you look at it, and I guess that’s what they’re saying your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

Korea and China aren’t exactly friends but they both hate the Australian people so much that they’re willing to work together.

They’re not willing to assimilate with each other. They’re willing to go to the same suburb, I guess, to avoid the Australian people and build these little suburbs.

Not enough that they assimilate with each other and blend in.

Your enemy’s enemy is your friend is the best way to describe how the Chinese and the Koreans work together in our country.

I want to tell you guys the story about a Chinese Lady that I met about three years ago, one of the few Aussies that actually goes out of his way to meet foreigners in this country.

Foreign Influence in Eastwood Australia By China

Well, I met this old Chinese Lady and within a couple of minutes she went straight into a rant on how racist the Australian people are and I thought she was going to talk about how racist the Australian people are to Chinese people like her.

But no, what she wanted to do was tell me how racist people are when it comes to dealing with the Aboriginals.

She pretty much accused me of being racist myself, just threw it in my face, and had no problem ranting and raving about how disgusting the Australian people are.

Then I asked her how long she’s been here. So what she did was she came to Australia like five or ten years ago, and then she became sick.

So she took advantage of Australia’s Medicare and then she was on welfare. And then she said that she luckily was able to get on to the disability support pension where the Australian government paid her so much money.

China Sends Spies To Australia

She openly said to me, the government gave me so much money that I didn’t know what to do with it.

This is the type of person that comes to Australia, who doesn’t appreciate anything and I think the Australian government needs to be aware that just because you give them lots of money doesn’t mean they appreciate the country or care about the country.

And there’s Hey Juice a restaurant. I’ve already exposed them, but, well, I guess not paying tax and criminal business practices in Australia doesn’t really get exposed because the Australian government doesn’t give a shit.

There’s the APOC time so maybe there are a few people here that are anti-Chinese Communist Party.

I dare say the majority are not anti-Chinese Communist Party, by the way. I think it’s quite offensive also that this entire sign is in Mandarin Chinese.

There’s no English on any of these signs. Since China has put sanctions on Australia, have you heard of any Chinese people within Australia openly coming out and condemning China for sanctioning this country?

You’d think if the Chinese people have moved to Australia and they call Australia their home, you would think that they would be against China sanctioning us, wouldn’t you?

But I have not heard one of them having a go at the Chinese for sanctioning our country, which is evidence to me that a lot of the Chinese here, actually welcome sanctions on Australia. Why would they want that?

Because they know that they will remain rich as long as the Australian government collapses.

When the Australian government collapses, then the Chinese people that live in suburbs like Eastwood could possibly replace them at the top of society.

They can be the next Prime Minister, the next leaders, and the next CEOs. They can take all of our jobs.

Might seem like a bit of a conspiracy theory, but that’s how a lot of them think.

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