How Will China’s Economy and Finance Future Play Out? Kishore Mahbubani

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Kishore Muhbubani really has lost his way recently. He’s gone from an intelligent guy, don’t get me wrong.

His book, Has China won. I read that book.

There were a lot of things in there that I totally agree with, but there was a lot of propaganda in there as well that I would love to be able to challenge him on.

I was speaking to his personal assistant via email for several months then, and he was continuously busy.

Now, this isn’t the behavior of an academic these days.

An academic these days goes out there, pitches their case in an open environment, debates their point of view, debates facts, and comes to conclusions based on opposing arguments.

What’s China’s Financial Situation?

Kishore Muhbubani has been appearing on a lot of CCP propaganda outlets recently. Every now and then, he appears on one that he thinks that he’s able to just talk over them and school them.

But he was actually found out in this debate is a time for the west to get tough on China. Now, he was found out, brutally found out in the most embarrassing way possible.

Obviously, if he wants to come to debate him, I wouldn’t just go all out and attack him. I would actually speak to him in a responsible mature way and pitch my arguments.

I’m not someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Been studying it for quite a long time. I do know a little bit about China.

I have some good arguments that might be able to test Kishore. The thing is, he wasn’t willing to. Come on. He might have thought that it was a trap.

That’s not what I do. I did have a bit of a blue with that rich kid, but that’s a rich kid that’s pushing out propaganda.

He’s nowhere near the status of Kishore Mahbubani. He’s an academic. He still knows what he’s talking about next-level stuff.

Is China’s Economy Still Expanding?

But I still feel that I would be able to hold my own in a debate against Kishore.

Obviously, because Kishore has declined I don’t think we’ll ever get a chance to do that.

But he has been appearing everywhere to try and push his book “Has China won”.

That is to some extent, a little bit of Chinese propaganda.

There’s a lot of anti-west propaganda in that book. And he’s also been pushing a lot of anti-white racism.

So he’s been pushing a lot of that narrative that all white people are bad.

He’s actually been pushing that. He’s been saying that. And yes, Kishore, if you’re watching this.

I have been watching even your small little interviews where you’ll be appearing on a channel with 100 subscribers or something. But let’s get into this where Kishore was just found out big time, pushing propaganda.

When Tom referred to all the protests in China. The Harvard Kennedy School discusses this protest, 40,000 protests a year.

How’s The Economy in China Going?

But these are not bookshelves intended to overthrow the central government.

These are local protests trying to get the attention of the central government.

Please come and help us deal with these issues. This is documented in great detail in the Harvard Chinese book study.

Many of them, if you ask them, do they want to overthrow the Chinese government, they say, of course not.

The sense of pride that the Chinese people have in what China has accomplished, it’s enormous.

Unlike the Soviet Union, where you’re dealing with a government that was in power by oppressing its people, the Chinese government today is not in power because it’s oppressing the people.

It enjoys great support.

This is why I turned to Kishore Mahbubani for an opposing view.

I might disagree with a lot of things that he says, but I agree with him wholeheartedly.

This is why he’s one of the best. He’s obviously pushing a lot of Chinese propaganda these days. But this I agree with.

Has China Won? Kishore Mahbubani

This is what a lot of the American, David Shambau, The Gordon Changs, all of the guys out there that have got it wrong for such all the economists that don’t know how to count the ten.

They’ve got it all wrong about China because they’re confusing the political science with the economics and they don’t fully understand either.

This is something that Keisha has been saying for a very long time, and I agree with him 100%.

This is why China has such a strong nationalistic fervor within the country that’s holding them together.

They can overcome almost everything. He’s 100% right.

Just taking on the Chinese government if you want to take on China, you’re taking on 1.4 billion people. I would say that’s very unwise.

That’s something that I think it’s very interesting to see people going on, oh no, it’s not the Chinese people, it’s the Chinese Communist Party.

Well, Kishore seems to totally agree with you. You take on the government, you’re taking on the people.

And if the people are in your country, in positions of power within your country, in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, they’re academics in your country.

Whats Wrong With China’s Economy?

They’re in the police force, they’re in your military, they’re in your government, they’re going to be working for the CCP. And we’re finding that out every single day.

We’re finding out that so many are acting on behalf of the CCP within our countries. Kishore is 100% right on that point as well.

Recently I saw a video where guys were talking about these being Chinese, by the way.

They’re talking about how when Japan invaded China, there was a lot of propaganda, even more recently, anti-Japanese propaganda within China.

He zoomed right in on one very important point that I totally agree with.

He was saying that there were Japanese people who moved to Western countries, and they had foregone their Japanese citizenship.

So they were like, I’m American now.

I’m Australian. I’m Canadian.

I’m now British. But the entire time, they were secretly working for Imperial Japan, even though they had no ties to Japan and they didn’t have the technology back then.

So there’s no way they could contact the Japanese.

They were implanted without any contact with Japan. So this is why we need to ban Wechat. Our government’s so far behind on this one.

They discovered that they needed to actually identify all of those Japanese and kicked them out of the country because they were working for Japan.

Is China’s Economy Stable?

Now, the Chinese people that we’re discussing were saying this in the context of, look, if you want to be pro-China and you want to push this within China and then move to a Western country for a better life, you better be very careful.

If you start working for the CCP in any way, shape, or form, which is China’s civilization, it’s not really the CCP vs people.

Or you will find yourself returning back to China as a turtle. And this is what these guys were talking about.

These are Chinese people warning their own people about the historical relevance of what is happening today.

That’s where we’re headed, by the way, because they exposed a lot of CCP members within the west. That’s a sign of where we’re headed.

And Kishore agrees with that?

Well, he agrees that the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party are the same things. It’s China. It’s civilization. There’s no difference between them.

So do a lot of the scholars on China. And the people actually know China. They actually agree with that.

This is where, after debating Keyshore for half an hour, he’s at his wit’s end. This is a politically correct British guy that probably studied at Oxford.

He’s very careful with his words, and he said his wit’s end, and this is what he says.

Will China Overtake The USA Economy?

The reality is we want a partnership with 1.4 billion people we want a partnership with 1.3 or 4 billion free people, as we do with about seven or eight or 9 billion people around the world.

What we do have to recognize, though, is Kishore is the most wonderful diplomat, I have to say, and filled with charm and subtlety.

That’s the goal, a little bit that I think you guys needed to see.

But the reality is we are dealing with a brutal dictatorship in Beijing that murders its opponents, sends protesters to prison, threatens the families of people who seek an education in the UK or elsewhere, and commits mass sterilization.

Kishore actually hinted that China taking back Hong Kong was a good thing.

He’s hinted that? I’m not saying that he has actually said that, but as this guy has just referred to, he’s a magnificent, charismatic diplomat.

He has a way with words. But he has hinted that it was good that China took back Hong Kong.

What we actually need to see is human rights recognized in China, and then maybe we’ll see the economic rights of so many saw and all of us crossed.

If I fall asleep, you understand this is not the debate. It’s just the time. Let me begin by saying very clearly what my case is going to be.

The biking is quite simply in opposition to the motion. It’s time for the west to get stuck in China. Number one, it won’t work.

China’s Economic Miracle

Number two, it’s not wise. And number three, there are better ways of getting China to improve itself or change its behavior.

So, first point, why won’t it work? The simple answer is that China is too big.

There was a positive time when the west could trample all over China, send its forces in, force the Chinese to accept opium, have British settlements in Shanghai, and the Summer Palace would do all anything he wanted.

That was China, right? In the 50s, this is 2022, times have changed. China has become much stronger and much more powerful.

And this is his argument, that the west should roll over and just hand over everything to China so that China can have an economy double the size of the United States and just become this global hegemon.

Then just do with the rest of us what it wants. That is not the type of world that I want to live in, to be honest and that’s why I’m here.

That is a brutal, disgraceful country. If they treat their own people with such contempt, imagine how they would treat the rest of us.

While they’re already proving that it is an awful world when you think about it, and that’s what Kishore is pushing you just chill, take it easy, and let China take over.

I’ve learned to adjust the power. I’ll give you a concrete example. In the year 2001, after 911 happened, it was terrible.

The USA became the first modern developed country to introduce torture, a clear violation of all human rights.

Is The Chinese Dream Still Alive?

That this is Kishore’s argument in the book, actually.

The United States has lost its way. It tortures people. He goes on about the Middle East, but he would never talk about Hong Kong or Tibet.

How China is threatening to invade Taiwan, or how they squeeze the north.

This is something no one ever even talks about, an ally of China, North Korea is one of the poorest places on planet Earth.

The South Koreans, don’t respect America as much as they should, because look at how wealthy South Korea is. It’s not because the South Koreans are better than the North Koreans.

It’s because the South Koreans have a good ally and the North Koreans have a malevolent dictatorship on their doorstep.

North Korea is a crazy place, a poor, an awful place to live.

That is 100% China’s fault. It’s right on their doorstep.

You look at South Korea, and South Korea is wealthy not because of China or North Korea, but because of the United States.

Now, Kishore is arguing here that America is evil because of the torture and things like that.

What about organ harvesting and all those other things? There are all those other goodies that are coming out of China at the moment.

Chinese Finance After Globalization

The fact that you can buy yourself a child bride from North Korea if you live in Beijing. Did you know that?

There are guys in Beijing right now that have child brides that they bought for $50 on the black market from North Korea? That’s how they squeeze other countries.

They squeeze you until you are just so helpless that you offer up your daughter just to survive.

This is China today, 2022, and this is what Kishroe is pushing.

Trump has mentioned earlier, that torture is absolutely unacceptable.

But guess what? When the United States reintroduced torture, not one European government criticized the United States.

Not one criticized China about Tibet or the Uighurs or Hong Kong or anything until only recently. Literally, the last twelve months since the virus kicked in and everyone else has been affected.

Only then did everyone start talking about China’s human rights. China’s got a way with human rights violations for 50 years.

They knew it won’t make a difference, right? So the Europeans have learned how to be pragmatic on human rights issues.

What the rest of the world sees, of course, is double standards. You’ll criticize your partner, but you won’t criticize the United States.

So that’s why I say it won’t work. But the second reason why it won’t work is that the west, which by the way, only represents 12% of the world’s population, 88% live outside the west, and have very diverse interests today.

China is a Civilization

So, for example, I agree. The United States clearly has launched a major joke and took off a test against China, which I documented in my book, Has China Won.

But the European Union has got very different interests visibly China. The number one challenge to the European Union is not going to come from Russian tanks.

Russian tanks are not going to invade Europe anymore. The biggest challenge that European Union faces is the demographic challenge of Africa.

In 1950, Africa’s population was double that of Africa.

Today, Africa’s population is more than double that of Europe. And by 2100, the African population will be ten times the size of Europe.

So Europe has got a very strong national interest to promote the development of Africa.

And you know what the best partner is going to promote the development in Africa is the biggest new investor in Africa, which is China.

This explains why several European Union states, including Italy, Greece, and others, have joined the Belt and Road initiative because they see that the development of Africa is in Europe’s strategic interest.

So if you want European states, they will sacrifice their interest just to join the British in criticizing China.

The other point I will make, which is I guess I will bear this in mind all the time when I say that the west represents only 12% of the world’s proficient, 88% live outside the west, and most of the 7 billion people don’t want to join any Western crusade against China.

You are reading Kishore Mahbubani’s words, its crusade. Everyone’s on China’s side. The west is bad. Almost everything he says is very anti-West.

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