Is Australia An Asian Country? What Race is Australia?

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I was in the line of the cafe and the two Asian ladies in front of me, sounded kind of Thai or Vietnamese.

I heard one say, oh, so you got citizenship last week you become a permanent resident of Australia. The one that became a permanent resident.

Pulled out a form saying, oh, yeah, I just applied for welfare.

She’d become an Australian citizen for one week and then applied for Centrelink. That’s a strange version of welfare.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of Europeans, and the first thing they say is I was expecting to see so many Australians saying, Crikey G’day, mate, G’day, down and under all the Australian slang, throw a shrimp on the bare.

The first thing they tell me is, hey, I didn’t realize I was moving to Asia. This is something that I get every time I do my interviews in the street.

That’s just the perspective of travelers and holidaymakers. And phase two of the questioning is, where are you from? As an Australian, I guess they haven’t met too many Australians.

Is Australia an Asian-dominated country now?

Is Australia an Asian Country?

So when they meet me and they hear my accent, they’re not sure what an Australian accent sounds like. Backpackers etc, don’t meet too many Australians here.

So when they hear my accent, they can’t tell that I’m Australian. Just when people from Europe or backpackers over here on holidays ask me, where do they think I’m from? I flip it on and ask them, well, where do you think I’m from?

The most common answer I get is Britain or German. I guess they just don’t have that much exposure to the stereotypical Australian.

I came down here because this guy has been waiting for ten days for the new iPhone. Security just came and kicked me out of the Apple Store.

Well, anyway, I came down here to see this guy. He’s famous online right now because he’s been waiting here for three days so far. Another ten days.

I think it’s more of a publicity stunt.

What Percentage of Australia is Asian?

The goal here is that he gets his first iPhone. The next natural question would be how did the dominating demographics of Australia change so fast within only a few generations?

Let’s discuss a few ways that Australia’s population and demographic have changed.

Australia is one of the most livable countries in the world. Well, it’s the most livable country in the entire Asian region.

We’re surrounded by a lot of countries where you probably wouldn’t want to live with over 3 billion people from all over the country that surround Australia.

So there’s a lot of pressure to allow more people to move to Australia. One of the most common ways people move or immigrate to Australia is by marrying their way in.

The number of times people have approached me in the street and said, hey, I’ve got a daughter or a niece.

Is Australia dominated by Asians now?
Is Australia dominated by Asians now?

What Race is Australia?

Over in Asia, they often say, hey, you want a girlfriend? Are you single?

I’ve also been offered upwards of 40 grand, $40,000 to marry someone from overseas to get them in the country.

There are a lot of scams, a lot of ways of manipulating your way in the country. I see a lot of really old men being taken advantage of by younger girls.

This is the mode of immigration into Australia by Asian women.

There are a lot of European women too, that want to get into the country as well. Let’s not exclude them.

Two University degrees are another way of getting into the country.

Just get yourself a University degree and apply for permanent residency.

Three, start up a business. Part of the problem with if you have money, you can get into the country.

Why Do Chinese People Migrate To Australia?

They’re not always. In my opinion, it’s short-term thinking. In my opinion, if you have a rich family, rich parents that can buy you a degree and pay for your living expenses.

They can get you a business that runs at a loss in Australia, pretty much buy your way into Australia.

What happens when you get permanent residency after you’ve brought your way in? You become lazy because you’re from a rich family.

Unfortunately, they’re not necessarily the type of human capital that we want in the country.

I have to admit that all of the older European immigrants that used to come to Australia, weren’t necessarily that qualified because they didn’t have rich parents buying things for them.

But they had the hard-working nature that we needed in Australia. Things have changed. Don’t get me wrong, not always.

But I’ve noticed there’s a lot of people, just rich families buying them a degree, paying for their living expenses, paying for everything while they’re here.

What’s The Biggest Race in Australia?

They get permanent residency and then they bring the rest of the family over.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing if they’re hard-working, they use that degree to get a real job.

But quite often, and I’ve seen it a million times, so many people just don’t do it.

They get that degree, then they become lazy and unmotivated while they’re here. I get why the government does that.

You have to have money to enter the country. But it’s short-term thinking.

It’s not necessarily long-term thinking.

I don’t know whether it’s going to pay off in the long term, but my opinion is this short-term thinking and I must say that government isn’t very smart.

I guess everyone says that the government isn’t very smart, but I’m another one of those people to say that my government is not very smart. A bit more long-term thinking would be nice.

Marketers are starting to see the benefits of marketing toward the new Asian demographic, which is growing in Australia.

How Many People in Australia Are From Asia?

You’re starting to see traditional media.

You’re starting to see banner ads, you’re starting to see posters slowly evolving from the old school white British demographics to more Asian models for Asian actors the traditional media is starting to change and become a little bit more Asian.

It’s only going to accelerate even Australian media advertising, politicians, actors, models, etc. They’ll all be Asian in the future which will be the dominating class.

Also, the politicians will start to change. It has to It has to change. As the demographic changes, politics will change. We’ll have an Asian Prime Minister soon.

News readers will start to become more Asian.

The entire country is evolving step by step, piece by piece.

I guess a lot of people when they think about Australia and they watch traditional media throughout the world probably get a different idea of what Australia is.

Today I was more of educating you guys about what is happening in Australia today.

It’s far more diverse far more different. You might expect, if you’re watching the traditional media from all around the world not aware of how I guess agents that’s probably one way of putting it.

Although there are all different types of Asian people coming to Australia you could still say diverse you’re from Europe and you’re used to that type of world.

You would probably be a little bit shocked that it’s not what you expect. You probably expect a whole load of British background Caucasian, English-speaking people.

English is a language is starting to be diluted a little. The future language of Australia will be Mandarin the places changing I’m going to try to keep you guys updated today.

What is happening around Australia? We’re done here. We’re done here. Don’t let fear stop you.

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