Is China a Military Threat to Australia? General Robert Spalding

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Robert Spalding will be introduced. General Spalding has a Ph.D. in economics, is a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force.

Is a China expert who lived in China for two years, studied at a Chinese university, and speaks Mandarin fluently, and let’s look at the dangers that Australia has.What suggestions do you have for them?

I think the first thing you can do becomes aware of the influence that the financial and economic and informational connections that we have in democracies to the Chinese Communist Party create within Australia and then into the broader world.

It’s essential to consider who they vote for, what, what policies they, what procedures they push, and then you know, ask those politicians what they intend to do about protecting Australia’s democracy. We have a lot of people here that might not be pro-America.

I don’t. I’m not sure if you’re aware of that, but I often come up against that.

How Australia should deal with the Chinese threat?

How To Defend Australia From China?

Well, I don’t think it’s a matter of being pro-America, or following what America’s doing. I would say look at being pro Australian democracy and consider the implications of some of the policy choices that have been made over the years.

It is a case that Australia and the US are allies. Indeed, we consider the alliance relationship in terms of our security posture important to our collective security. Australia is a sovereign country. They have to figure it out for themselves.

I think some things are changing that are important for Australians to understand but in the end.

We have an expert called Hugh White, He suggests in his book How to Defend Australia that we should go it alone and be, in a way, not be so focused on China or America.

I don’t think that’s a good idea because our great and powerful friend has kept our maritime Trade routes safe for us? I tend to believe that with our position in the world. We really do need maritime power.

Will China Invade Australia?

That is our friend. I’m not sure if we could go it alone. If you look back in the history of the United States, we have determined that we can’t go it alone.

So we, you know, seek like-minded democracies to work together to promote the kind of values and principles in the international order that we believe help protect our democracy and our sovereignty.

So I think that’s an interesting perspective, considering how much influence the Chinese Communist Party Has over the entire Indo Pacific region and how they seek to use that influence.

They don’t seek to use that influence to promote offshore alliance prosperity or Australian values, or Australian principles.

Robert Spalding – China is a Threat to Australia

They seek to use it to promote their own essence.

There’s been a belief because Australians have The extreme economy has been so benefited by this incredible growth of China over the years that, you know, they’re the future lies with China.

I believe that their economy is going to begin to slow, not just in Australia but other economies.

So then I think this pool from China will seem a lot less, and indeed when I talk to people around the region, I asked him, for instance, Japan, Do you want the Chinese Navy protecting Japan?

And the answer is not. It’s for Australians to decide, but I can tell you that the United States Is on a path to protect its sovereignty essentially, to protect its democracy, and to do so by creating space between itself and the Chinese Communist Party to prevent the undue influence of the Chinese Communist Party.

Australia Relies on the USA to Protect Them From China

We seek allies and partners to do that. I think where we’re going to be different in the future is our security. Airline alliances will be very much tied to our economic, financial, and informational.

You know relationships, and to the extent that they’re not that our security relationships are going to be much weaker with those countries that essentially allow the Chinese to use their sovereign territory.

To bypass tariffs to bypass other protections that we’re putting in our on our economy to prevent the predatory and parasitic behaviour that they exhibit and have no interest is changing.

When you mention economics, which goes into trade routes and Australia, we have a rising power on our doorstep.

China Plans To Destroy Australia

Indonesia and a lot of our maritime traders we decided to In Mattis Island start-up our naval base, which is just north of Papua New Guinea and just east of Indonesia, and that’s where a lot of our maritime trade goes through.

Also, in the South Pacific, just east of there again, we have Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, and all these South Pacific Core Island nations. China is investing a lot of money there and trying to build.

Naval bases there as well. What do you think about what’s happening there? It’s the same thing for Indonesians as Australians, and I think they will be increasingly pulled between both countries.

I think there’s an enormous amount of influence in Indonesia by the Chinese. Indonesia itself is a sovereign nation, and their populations will have to make a decision.

Chinese Influence in Australia (CCP)

The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t seek them for a mutually cooperative win-win relationship. They seek an association that promotes their benefit to the detriment of other nations.

Indeed, leaders have been corrupted because of the payments they received from the Chinese Communist Party.

These are all issues that each of the nations heavily courted by the Chinese Communist Party essentially has to contend with.

I recently went to Jakarta to have a look, and I came close to about 10 metres from Chocolay Widodo, and I spoke to everybody I could over there, and they’re very pro-China 100% of the people that I talked to were pro-China.

Interestingly, the job we would order has not said anything about the wiggers in Xinjiang.

China’s Foreign Interference in Australia

He’s not mentioned even though he’s met Zijing ping five times. Something’s happening within Delysia, and we’re not exactly sure what’s going on there, but it can’t be too good.

They’re building up their Navy and their Air Force. They might not have the advanced weaponry that we can get from the United States, but on mass, they have more aircraft and more battleships than we do already.

I guess let’s go into the next. The next question I have is about WeChat. Should we or will America soon block Chinese social media? Should Australia do the same? If America does that? I would advocate blocking it.

I don’t know when or if the United States will go through that. The challenge that we chat poses to democracies is that data is entirely available to the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Spies Operate in Australia

A good report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute by Samantha Hoffman called global engineering consent talks about a big data AI company in China called Global Tone Communication Corporation.

That company itself provides translation services in 65 languages using machine learning, and it is jointly owned by the Ministry of Finance and the propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party.

So it collects 2 to 3 petabytes of data per year and sends that data to the intelligence and influence arms of the Chinese government.

So one of the things that you have to consider is that all of this data on you is being collected by the Chinese Communist Party.

Their goal It is essential to use big data and analytic machine-learning artificial intelligence to identify those hostile to the regime and marginalised them using their economic and financial influence.

China Seeks To Control Australian Politicians

If a Chinese investor has invested in your company, you may find yourself out of a job if you speak up about China or you oppose it.

You know what’s going on in Xinjiang Or Hong Kong or otherwise become a threat to the Chinese Communist Party. You may not get into a university.

These are the kinds of relationships that are currently ongoing that are only strengthening as China uses these tools to collect data on people because it’s such a powerful economic platform for China. In terms of eCommerce.

Also, to create these financial and economic ties with Australians, Individuals and companies. it was fascinating in your book how you mentioned cyber-attacks and they were going on their lunch break and the cyber attacks would stop.

It was fascinating to read that, and how they hack into American businesses and they would stop emails going out, or invoices going out and try to cut down the revenue of the company.

Say ten 1520% over the over 1/4 and it wouldn’t be Available public knowledge and the next thing you know, a Chinese business would come along and make an offer.

How Australia Can Defeat China in Asia?

That was precisely what the revenue had dropped in that quarter. It was amazing to find out as well as we chatted, they have we pay and Alipay that’s popping up all over Australia, and a percentage of each payment goes back to China.

That’s part of the economic strategy and what’s happening here in Australia. Well, hopefully, we can block WeChat as soon as possible. Australia is a vital ally to the United States. Do you have anything to say to them? Any message? Or any warnings?

You’d like to say to the Australian people. In August of 1941, Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed a document called the Atlantic Charter, and it really provided a template for the world that they wanted to build after World War Two.

We’ve seen that that world promotes the principles that we were involved in, and I encourage people to read the Atlantic Charter. It’s only eight paragraphs, but essentially what it talks about is free trade.

Democratic principles, the rule of law and self-determination. It’s really about creating the space for free countries to grow and prosper and be safe worldwide.

We were intent with our alliances and promoting that world, which is what led to the successful conclusion of the Cold War.

After the end of the Cold War, we got a little lazy, and we stopped promoting those same principles. What’s happened today is that the world essentially no longer works to encourage those principles.

They work to encourage authoritarianism or totalitarianism & it’s mainly through economic and financial Relationships Australia is a democracy.

The United States is a democracy. There are many other democracies in Asia and many other democracies worldwide.

What democracies have to do is come together to promote the four freedoms that essentially were inculcated or established in the Atlantic.

Charter freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. They will not propagate themselves.

They will not defend themselves. Free people have to stand up and work to keep themselves free. Australia wants to be a free sovereign nation; then, I think the United States has open arms to any so inclined country.

It’s the opposite of how China does things. I’ve never heard of any coercion or bullying from America, but when it comes to China?

Our Prime Minister says something that Sijing Ping doesn’t like. We’re in a diplomatic freeze, by the way. We have no contact with China since Malcolm Turnbull accidentally said something they didn’t like, and we have no.

They refused to talk to us, which is opposite to how America does things. But the problem here is a lot of them.

There’s still a lot of rhetoric that America’s terrible, and I don’t think people understand that we’ve had so much peace because we’ve had a policeman, and John Mearsheimer talks about that.

How he talks about the global system is anarchy. Thank you. I appreciate your input in this matter.

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