Is China The Biggest Threat To Fish Populations Worldwide?

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Indonesia stands up to China. I was surprised at the action that Indonesia has taken recently over the new Natuna island, but it’s not something new.

This has been happening over the last 12 months, and it’s been slowly escalating to the point where Indonesia has finally taken a stand.

The entire time Xi Jinping has not mentioned the Muslim Uighurs who are being reallocated in these education camps in Xinjiang, which is what surprised Indonesia the world’s largest Muslim population on planet Earth.

China is overfishing the sea in Asia

Which Country is Most Responsible For Overfishing?

Recently, Joko Widodo went to Natuna island and inspected the island. He also planned to increase their naval presence around the islands.

Natuna is an Indonesian island that was handed over from Japan to Indonesia in 1942-1945. It was under Japanese control for possibly a hundred years prior to that.

If you look at the map, you’ll see that Natuna Island is outside the nine-dash line of the South China Sea and just a little bit north of it.

China has illegally annexed the entire sea based on a map that they pulled out of history.

They said, “Look. We own this.” and naturally all the countries that would like to use that sea disagreed.

So what did China do?

Is China Overfishing the Sea?

They went to an international tribunal in The Hague and the international tribunal ruled against China. But what did China say?

“Well okay, well what we’re going to do is we are going to annex some reefs.” And these reefs had tons of sea life on them, they were covered with coral and had so much sea life on them.

China just brought all of these dredging ships that dredge up sand from the floor of the ocean.

And they built these artificial islands and just covered these reefs in the sand and killed everything in it. So all of you greater fanatics, why don’t you say something about China?

Is Overfishing a Problem in Asia?

And China is also the largest emitter of global pollution yet we have all these climate change fools rioting in Australia because you guys are idiots.

You will, they really are idiots. Focus on the biggest threat to climate change and the environment and that’s China.

Don’t go messing with all these smaller countries because you will get nothing done and that’s just more evidence see you guys are idiots.

So they destroyed all the sea life, militarized the sea, and took the South China Sea.

China Made It Impossible To Regulate Overfishing in the South China Sea

Barack Obama, who was President of the United States from 2009 to 2017, said that he would pivot to Asia during his time in office.

However, he did not follow through on this promise.

Since then, it has become clear that China will not remain within its borders and will instead continue to expand its influence over the South China Sea.

China has a massive armada of fishing vessels that have been fishing out over the South China Sea and destroying all wildlife in their way.

China is also trying to feed 1.4 billion people with dwindling resources; they are no longer a third-world country but rather the richest and most powerful country on earth.

How Big is China’s Fishing Industry?

The evidence comes in the form of a giant 200 million-year-old Chinese paddlefish that recently became extinct as well as hundreds or even thousands of other types of fish and sea life that China has been killing since they became rich and powerful.

The Chinese government is not only illegally annexing the South China Sea, but they are also now going into other people’s territory and that’s where a Natuna island comes in.

Natuna island is outside of China’s territory, and they’ve been sending fishing vessels into that area for illegal fishing.

But it’s not just fishing vessels, they have been sending them outside of their own territorial waters with the Pele’s Navy.

These illegal fishing expeditions are being crushed by the Pele’s Navy, which consists of destroyers, frigates, and submarines.

They have been doing this for years and it has become such a problem that even President Obama had to talk about it at a press conference.

Which part of the world has the worst overfishing?

Xi Jinping was aware that these fishing vessels were going in through other people’s waters and fishing out their waters.

Overfishing entire Asia, what happens when China has finished overfishing entire Asia? I don’t know maybe no fish left, that’s really where we’re heading.

China is not only a threat to world sovereignty but to our freedoms and lives as well. They are threats to the environment, they’re a threat to our ability to enjoy a good life.

The amount of negatives about China is so copious you can’t count them on one hand.

When I went to Indonesia recently, I made some contacts over there and I’ve been in contact with the journalists apparently, this article from The Jakarta Post is real, and Indonesia is taking it seriously.

That means that gets me to the next part of this conversation: Indonesia’s becoming self-aware.

What Country Overfishes The Sea The Most?

Indonesia’s economy is projected to be the fifth-largest in the world soon.

It’s going to overtake Australia and you can understand why their economy is going to overtake Australia’s.

Because Australia allows in far too many parasitic refugees and paths far too many parasitic immigrants just go on welfare and destroy our economy within.

They’re literally useless; they’re literally parasites. The demographic shift within Australia is a problem.

Our economy is on the decline because we have so much trash in this country, and it’s destroying our current economy from within.

We don’t have a Donald Trump to build a wall around us, in fact, we just have parasites within our government that want to allow more parasites in and they want to destroy it for the rest of us.

Indonesia Pushes Back Against China’s Overfishing

Indonesia’s economy overtaking ours. The Australian economy relies on maritime trade, which means that Indonesia has effectively become our boss.

They will start calling the shots. We have never had a powerful Indonesia on our doorstep, we have always had this poor third-world country that our maritime trade just goes through.

Indonesia we’ve never really had to worry about. But in the near future, their economy is going to overtake us, their Navy’s larger than ours, and soon they will become software enough that they will start calling the shots.

We will have to be submissive to Indonesia, this is where we’re headed when Indonesia is bigger and more powerful than us.

I believe that we should be sending a lot of our say 18 to 21-year-old University students to Indonesia and sponsoring them to move there for a year at a time so that they can learn Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian can speak the language fluently.

Is China a Threat To Global Fish Supplies?

I think that this will allow us to have a whole new batch of diplomats who can understand Indonesia, and thus help us navigate the future trouble we are going to have within Indonesia.

Also, we need to understand enough about the nature of the Indonesian people to be able to negotiate with them and the best way would be right now, while the Australian dollar is still worth something.

It’s not going to be worth so much in the near future, but we’re going to need people who can speak their language and understand their culture to connect with them in the future.

Indonesia will become self-aware enough to start calling the shots and we need to be prepared to deal with that in the near future.

What Is The Biggest Threat To Fish Populations Worldwide?

Indonesia is becoming more self-aware and I think it’s scary for us Australians, there’s a book that I’ve been going through recently that I discovered a month ago. It’s called The Frightened Country by Alan Renouf.

He was an Australian diplomat who graduated from Sydney Boys High School and earned first-class honors in law at Oxford University.

He worked in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and he wrote this book in 1979. Everything he says about Indonesia is 100% accurate.

For decades, we have been told that China is our friend. But now the media has finally started to wake up and say: “China is our enemy.”

I was brought up believing that China was a threat, but in my entire life, I’ve never been able to convince anyone else of it. It’s amazing how brainwashed we’ve all become by the media telling us that China is our friend.

This book was written in 1957 and it was clearly a prophecy when it said “Australia has become dumb.” It’s so clear looking back now:

China was a threat then and it’s still a threat today.

Well, I just thought I’d bring that to your attention.

Yes, I would like to know what you think about this book and what has happened in that period between 1979 and the brainwashing of the Australian people.

Also, how do you think we should deal with Indonesia in the future?

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