Is Jacqui Lambie a Communist?

Jacqui Lambie is a volatile Australian politician who is known for her emotional outbursts in the Australian parliament. One of the most concerning aspects of how Jacqui Lambie behaves, is she comes to a conclusion about a topic, then goes on the attack, as if everyone should agree with her ”intelligent thoughts”. Jacqui Lambie in my opinion, is an extremely dangerous person, who should never be allowed in parliament, her ideas are dangerous, her contempt for a persons human rights is dangerous, the way she ignores opposing opinions is extremely dangerous.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Before I go on, I'd like to make one point here. I bet that if Jacqui Lambie was to read this post, her immediate response would be to preach how she was in the Australian army, therefore she cares about this country more than a petty civilian like myself. Just speculation, but she does have a history of virtue signalling this exact point. I'd also like to make it clear that I was vaccinated as soon as possible, I booked my shot before my doctor had even received it. But I did this to protect myself, not for some communist collective talking point. 

The problem here is, Kim Jung Un, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin and the list goes on. All these communist leaders used the same talking point. The idea that we are all here to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good of the ”nation”. How very patriotic of these great leaders of the past, they all used the exact same talking points that Jacqui Lambie uses today.

Today, I’m going to record down a few things Jacqui Lambie has said and done recently, for future reference. I truly believe that the Australian people are facing the biggest threat to their freedoms, they have never faced a threat on this scale before in our short history. In the past our diggers faced threats from abroad, now the Australian people face threats from within, we have lost our freedoms, we have lost our human rights, and people like Jacqui Lambie are a huge part of the problem in my opinion.

Why I Think Jacqui Lambie is a Communist

I don’t think that Jacqui Lambie is self aware enough to know she’s a communist at heart. So, let’s just point out a few aspects of communism that seem to be in line with Jacqui Lambie’s train of thought. Ignorance is not a defence for an Australian politician, all Australian politicians have an obligation to know what communism is, and to avoid it at all costs.

  • Centrally planned economy, instead of a market driven economy: Jacqui Lambie went on the mainstream media attaking innocent business owners for protesting their livlihoods being taken away. There are very few, if ever, a time when a centrally planned government should have the power to shut down private businesses, only in a communist state does this happen. During the 1957 Asian flu Dwight Eisenhower (capitalist American President) refused to shut down the economy, he even insisted on a free market vaccine to be developed. This is exactly the opposite position of Jacqui Lambie, because she has taken the communist, central planned ideology and pushes it, most probably without knowing how dangerous it is.
  • Communist China’s response to covid versus Capitalist America’s: Jacqui Lambie’s comments make it clear that she is more in line with China than America on this one. China immediately shut down private businesses, forced every person within China to stay at home. Many Chinese were locked in their homes without food, with the police welding their front doors closed. This is how centrally planned communist China behaved during the pandemic. Capitalist America on the other hand, in the early stages allowed businesses to stay open, Donald Trump reacted in a similar fashion to Dwight Eisenhower, he allowed the free market to flow, even though he received international backlash for doing so. Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump, then enacted a less capitalist strategy, which has been proven to be far less effective.
  • Collectivism is a communist talking point: Many times in the video below, you’ll hear a very familar way of talking down to people from Jacqui Lambie. She pushes the communist narative that ”we are all in this together”, the idea that we all need to make centrally planned sacrifices for the collective. The biggest problem with this talking point, is who makes the sacrifices for who? In a communist state, people at the top like Jacqui Lambie profit from the real sacrifices of the people at the bottom. People like myself, who has lost during the Sydney lockdowns, my little brother and grandmother, my business was destroyed, I lost my life savings, and I almost lost my mind. Yet Jacqui Lambie viciously attacks people who are protesting for their lives, she calls them selfish. Jacqui Lambie totally ignores the fact that in capitalist America, the BLM protesters, and many other protests were happening during the entire pandemic, which is evidence that Jacqui Lambie is less of a capitalist and more of a communist.
  • Communists attack peaceful protesters: In the tiananmen square massacre, the Chinese communist party shot peaceful protesters. When this happened, the world condemned China. Recently during the pandemic, America had mass protests across the country, and the American government aloowed their citizens their human right to protest. Keep in mind, a human right does come with clauses like, it’s a pandemic, or we have a national emergency etc. Americans know this and respect peoples human rights, this is why America is free and China is not free. Yet unfortunately Australian politicians have used the force of the state to shoot at peaceful protesters in Melbourne, taking away their human rights, just like the tiananmen square masacre in China. The world has been shocked by how communist Australia has become, yet Jacqui Lambie viciously came out and attacked the protesters. Which means that her thoughts are more in line with how communist China treats protesters, which is the opposite of how American treats protesters. Just more evidence that Jacqui Lambie is a communist.

Karl Marx talked down to people when he debated them, he was a vicious public speaker, just like most communists. Jacqui Lambie speaks in parliament with the same vigor, which is of huge concern to myself and others who know their history.

Her massive rants, seem to show that she thinks her opinions are so obvious that the rest of us peasants, should already know that her conclusion is 100% accurate. Jacqui Lambie’s behavior, projects that whatever she is talking about must be so obvious, and therefore she has the right, I mean obligation, to yell and scream in an irrationally emotional way to put the rest of us unintelligent fools in our place.

There is a patronizing arrogance that accompanies her speech as if she is talking down to children. The most hilarious aspect of this is that Jacqui Lambie is clearly no genius, she is not an academic, she barely comes across as someone who has a high IQ in any way shape or form.

There is a saying that I’ve forgotten and will most probably butcher right now, but it basically goes like this. People who don’t have extensive knowledge on a certain topic, tend to think that they know everything, even though they know very little. If they don’t know any more, they show their ignorance, by assuming they know everything.

Though, people who have extensive knowledge on a topic, are less certain because their deeper knowledge, teaches them just how little they actually know, which teaches them how to be humble in their opinions. The antithesis of this, is someone who knows nothing, yet is arrogant enough to speak publically about the topic as if they are an expert.

Whenever I hear Jacqui Lambie speak, I can’t help but think that she has such a little understanding on the topic every time, because of how certain she is about her opinions.

Jacqui Lambie Attacks Peaceful Protesters

Peaceful protestors were violently fired upon by the Melbourne police for protesting at the Shrine of Remembrance. (pic @therealrukshan)

This was when Jacqui Lambie first came on my radar for this outrageous rant.

Jacqui Lambie is clearly unaware what human rights are, this is extremely dangerous for a politician in Australia to either ignore, or not know what human rights are. Communists don’t care about human rights either, they think that it’s okay to erradicate people in the name of the collective, this is perfectly in line with Jacqui Lambie’s train of thought.

During the lockdowns in Victoria, the Victorian government enacted communist style lockdowns that:

  • forced businesses to close down
  • forced a curfew where Australians were only allowed to go outside for exercise 1 hour per day
  • forced people to stay at home
  • Victoria broke a world record for the longest lockdown
  • Police brutality was common place
  • Police bashed people for not wearing a mask
  • Police bashed elderly people, they even bashed an old lady (she disappeared, we think she died from her injuries)

With all of this totalitarian communist behavior from the Victorian government, the people of Victoria started peaceful protests, because they had lost all their freedoms. One thing the Australian diggers stood for was, they were against communism, and any sort of authority. The ANZAC’s were larrikins who stood against authoritarianism, they never respected politicians, the police, the media.

Most people would agree that the Australian diggers, which the shrine of remembrance says they represent. These diggers would never support an authority who tells them what to do. The diggers were lower class people who had every reason to have contempt for authority, especially since the massacre in Galipoli.

I doubt very much that our fallen diggers would support communism, locking down Australians, taking away their jobs (which is socialist) and all the other oppressive things that happened in Victoria. Taking all this into account, the shrine of remembrance was the perfect spot to protest authoritarianism in Australia.

Jacqui Lambie Attacks The Shine of Remembrance Protesters

Sept 2021 peaceful protests in Melbourne

The right to protest is a human right but Jacqui Lambie (Australian politician) publicly comdemns peaceful protesters, just like every authoritarian leader in history.

Jacqui Lambie Thinks She Speaks For The Diggers

Yet, Jacqui Lambie came out with this extraordinary rant against the peaceful protesters. It was a vicious and threatening direct attack on these innocent, peaceful protesters. At this point I started to think that her rhetoric was similar to how a communist state would talk down to it’s citizens. When you mix in her constant reference to how brave she was to serve in the defence force, we have the most dangerous mix of communist talking points, with a militarised ideology.

Jacqui Lambie went on to speak for the diggers, and condemn the protesters, shaming them, suggesting that the diggers would be shaming the protesters too. I disagree wholeheartedly, it’s quite scary to think that someone like Jacqui Lambie belives that they speak for our diggers.

It reminds me of how witch doctors in Africa would lie to their people, by saying they were the magical doctor who can speak to the dead on behalf of the tribe. Jacqui Lambie’s actions is very much in line with this behavior.

People should fear Jacqui Lambie having power, she thinks like a communist.

Jacqui Lambie Attacks Pauline Hanson

Jacqui Lambie went on yet another ill-informed rant in parliament this week, this time the target of her rant was pauline hanson and ”one nation” another political party. One nation put forth some bill to protect Australian peoples right to choose not to have the vaccine, which is in fact a human right. Jacqui Lambie literally had a mental breakdown in parliament, with a vicious attack on Pauline Hanson.

Jacqui Lambies talking points were all the same a what communist would say. I’ll summarise, but she pretty much said that everyone who is not vaccinated, is a danger to the vaccinated population. Is that true? I thought that an unvaccinated person was only taking the risk of suffering greater symptoms from covid. I could be wrong, but I’m quite sure that a person who is unvaccinated has the same ability to catch covid as a vaccinated person, which means that an unvaccinated person is not a greater risk to the vaccinated population. I could be wrong, lets wait to see how this post ages in the future.

My thoughts are that Jacqui Lambie is pitching the centrally planned, communist economy, by insisting that the unvaccinated people get vaccinated, simply because an unvaccinated person is more likely to cost the socialist Australian government more money. Because the hospitals are subsidised by the Australian government, and they would rather people be forced to take a vaccine to protect their balance sheet, even if it goes against their human rights.

Which, as I’ve said during this entire blog post, is entirely a communist, centrally controlled economy, that Jacqui Lambie is viciously fighting for within the Australian parliament.

And we all know what happened to communist states like the soviet union. Well, in Queensland they have created ”health camps” for people with covid, which is exactly how the soviet union started.

Later on, once their socialist economies collapsed, they started killing their own citizens.

If people like Jacqui Lambie are allowed to push these communist ideologies, Australia will end the same way the soviet union did, by killing us the same way.

2 thoughts on “Is Jacqui Lambie a Communist?”

  1. I agree with your every word. I can’t listen to Lambi, she is completely out of her depth in Parliament and how she ever became a Senator is beyond me.

    Jacqui Lambie was viewed in a recording supporting Tasmanians speaking with the TGA. Jacqui was concerned regarding adverse events of the vaccination and the lack of compensation available to people, while at that time 11,000 reports sat on the desk at the TGA to be reviewed, which now I believe has increased to over 70,000.

    A few weeks later Senator Jacqui Lambi was publically inciting violence upon the unvaccinated stating she was coming after them.

    Jacqui Lambie would have the opinion that I should wear sunscreen so she doesn’t get sunburn.

    Sadly though what has been our greatest loss since the 70’s is the decline in honest respectful people fearing representation in Parliament. The corruption in removing our rights and Constitutional laws with the consent of the people bypassed or ignored.

    Career Politicians are self centred and self absorbed and their personal opinions should NEVER be a reason to bring into Parliament ACTS upon the people as they should RE-PRESENT the will of the people according to laws.

    A chain of command passing down acts, legislation and laws prior to it being heard in Parliament should be aligned with our Inalienable Rights, our Commonwealth Constitution, our Common Laws, our Human Rights and Treaties. If this process was used most would never see the light of day ..

    Mandatory vaccinations/medical procedures are a violation of our Human Rights therefore to be punished and segregated for using your right to decline clearly shows each and every Australian and those world wide are being forced to bow down to the will of Politicans.. what could possibly go wrong?

  2. She was right on one thing,,,and that is that all the poolies caught up in the double citizen/constitutional stuffup should have to pay all the money they got back to the australian people,,, but she soon changed her tune when she found out she was one of them

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