SydneyDaddy Offers Money To Little Pinks Who Use Political Violence

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This is another huge expose where Sydney Daddy has effectively shown own his true colors.

I believe I was the only person to say that Sydney Daddy was playing the long game and acting on behalf of the CCP, pretending to be anti-CCP.

Let’s have a look at what just occurred.

So Sydney Daddy has come out and he has said that he is going to what is it here that was severely punished and they’ll find $1,500 and the guy that he wants to support and he’s tweeting about asking for financial support.

I’m willing to help him pay the $1,500 fine. Please contact me by email. The guy to who he’s willing to pay the money is a violent offender. He’s a criminal.

Now, if you’re an expert on Chinese influence in the west, like myself, what will happen is you’re able to spot them, no matter what they say, no matter what they do, you’re able to spot them.

悉尼奶爸 Sydney Daddy wants to pay the fine of a violent (little pink) who assaulted Drew Pavlou in Eastwood.
悉尼奶爸 Sydney Daddy wants to pay the fine of a violent (little pink) who assaulted Drew Pavlou in Eastwood.

Does Sydney Daddy Support Political Violence?

Some people are not agents that are clearly on your team. They’re the ones that I deem to be my friends. They’re the ones that I speak to and I can spot you a mile away if you’re a CCP troll.

I got Taiwanese friends and Hong Kong friends. I know if you’re on the side of freedom and democracy, this guy ticks all the boxes as an agent to me.

He is anti-CCP, but he is an immigrant from China. Now, a lot of you out there that are very naive and very stupid might think.

Okay, well, he’s on our team. Yeah, he’s on our team. Well, it’s kind of like we’re both accountants, yet he gets all of the jobs.

Yeah, I’m a pauper here. I’m an expert in this field, and this is another win for me. I don’t know how much evidence I need to prove to you guys that this guy is an agent.

Drew Pavlou Asks Sydneydaddy Why He Supports Political Violence?

Drew Pavlou is new to this game, only Dave Lee was capable of seeing this coming years ago

Laowhy86 and Serpentza Support SydneyDaddy

He’s also been supported and promoted by Laowhy86 and Serpentza. I don’t think China Uncensored has promoted them either.

They’re not promoting me. But all you have to do is be Chinese or Asian, and you’re going to get all the support you want because Asian privilege and everything and white people that look like me are just pieces of shit.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how competent you are.

You’re never going to be treated with the respect that you deserve or given the kudos that you deserve.

He was on our team. I’d be promoting him. I wouldn’t be calling him out. I spoke so much about calling him out. I got a lot of hate.

I got a lot of emails. I even had an Asian Liberal party call me out and abuse me.

I went and met him in person, and I pitched my case.

Over time, more evidence will come to light, I dare say.

Edgar Lu Makes Australia Look Racist On Youtube

Edgar Lu (SydneyDaddy) Was a Journalist in China

This guy is Sydneydaddy (Edgar Lu). He was a journalist, I believe, in China. He’s immigrated to Australia, and now he is a journalist on YouTube.

I think the guy is extremely suspicious in a multitude of ways. . I raised a few issues. Literally, within seven days, he made this series of videos, which I’m going to go through.

So why do you target the Chinese community and interview Stuart Bonds from One Nation?

My argument here is that this guy here, instead of coming and debating me, is someone who has a depth of knowledge that is right up there with some of the best in Australia.

As you can see, I’m a bit disheveled. I’ve had my thumb on the pulse of what’s going on in Australia for many years.

I have a depth of knowledge that only a few that have PhDs know more than me. And even then, I can add to the conversation things that they don’t know.

Why Did Edgar Lu Interview A Man That Looks Like A Racist?

Instead of responding to me directly, what he decided to do was try to make all Australians look racist.

I’m going to pitch my case why he did that and why this backs up my claims that Sydney Daddy must be working for the Chinese Communist Party.

Let me explain. I criticized him, and then straight after, what he did was he’s like, hang on, how can I get a white guy?

Literally, within a matter of days, how can I get a white guy that will make all Australians look bad? You can see the agenda here.

He’s from One Nation, already known as a racist political party. He’s got tattoos all over his hands, right? He’s a white guy with tattoos everywhere.

Three. He’s bald, so he looks like a skinhead. I’m not accusing him of being a skinhead.

What I’m doing is looking at him visually from the point of view of what a Chinese person, a Chinese diaspora within Australia, would look at him.

Okay, on top of that, I’ve already watched this interview. He refers to Pauline Hanson as racist.

He also goes through and there’s a part where this guy has been called out as a racist in the past, and apparently, the media went after him.

But he’s had the media attack him as racist. He brings all of this up during the interview. But you can see the game that’s being played here.

So visually, if you’re from the Chinese community. You’re just going to look at this guy and go, okay, that guy’s dodgy.

Now, my argument here is that instead of debating the person who called you out, which is me, I called out Sydney Daddy, not him. I have a depth of knowledge, not him.

And so instead of debating someone like me that has a depth of knowledge that can pretty much-run rings around him, in my opinion, he doesn’t want that.

He wants to pick a guy like this that will make all Australians look bad to the Chinese diaspora. So I’m going to critique this video and I’m going to do it in a bit of detail.

I didn’t know that you were from One Nation until yesterday.

I would ask one of my friends, do you know someone from on the right side of the flicker structure who would like to talk to the Chinese community?

Now, I don’t think that’s exactly how it went down. I think he said this guy called me out.

Edgar Lu Interviews One Nation

He’s just the Aussie battler that’s working with his hands and working hard. He’s not the right person, in my opinion, to be a politician.

He’s also not the right person to be debating Sydney Daddy.

I didn’t have too much social sort of side of things and I realized a while ago that our mining industry was in trouble, that we were in the coal mining industry.

Well, it was started, I guess, in this country when Kevin Rudd made that call and said that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time.

But our head wasn’t really on the chopping block until that last election when the writing was on the wall. Right. The end of Kyle was coming close on the political.

You noticed that Sydney Daddy has a lot of ads. I wonder if I get any ads on this video. More racism. Even YouTube hates white people.

Sydney Daddy’s rich now from YouTube and getting rich off Australia. You see how the game is rigged on the internet as.

Even more interesting because in the Chinese community, most people are from the Chinese community, and no one nation party is a racist anti-migrant party.

Even especially anti-Chinese. I think I guess probably mostly due to the founder of one nation party polling Hanson’s maiden speech in. What do you think about that?

Yeah, you see, he doesn’t want to debate someone who is on his level. He wants to debate someone who looks like this, covered in tattoos.

Looks kind of like a skinhead. And his eyes you can see his eyes aren’t exactly on point, Stuart. Sorry, buddy. I’m not having a go at you.

Can Edgar Lu (SydneyDaddy) Be Trusted?

What I’m doing is I’m looking at you visually and comparing and from the point of view of a Chinese person, they’re going to look at this guy and just go, wow, unshaven hairy covered in tattoos skinhead one nation associated with Pauline Hanson.

He’s a white supremacist in their opinion. Okay. And there’s nothing you can do about it, buddy.

Appearing on this and trying to debate this guy was a huge mistake of yours. And One Nation, if you want proper advisors, reach out to me.

You want someone on that has a depth of knowledge that is almost there’s. Very few. Alex Josk, I would say. But you’re going to have to pay a lot of money for that guy.

That guy’s next level. I know more than Clive Hamilton. Bring me on as an adviser. I’m pitching my case here, guys. If you want to protect Australia, you need knowledge.

I don’t believe anything I’ve ever seen from Pauline would say that she is a racist person and I certainly don’t have racist views. My wife is an immigrant. I’ve been to China.

I’ve traveled all over the world. My daughter’s been to Palestine.

We’ve taken her to Jordan and Egypt. And diversity is a good thing, right? But how much diversity is a good thing? At what point does it become too much?

Now, if you look at you would know better than me the statistics. But how many Chinese-born nationals do we have in Australia at the moment?

In Australia, there are 1.2 million people right now from the Chinese.

He cut something out there. So some dodgy cuts are going on in this video already. He cut out something there. Let’s go back.

Do we have any strategy?

Watch for the cut, guys. This is dodgy editing. This is Current Affairs style dodgy shit at the moment.

Why Would a Chinese Immigrant Want To Get Into Politics in Australia?

How can I make all Australians look bad? Do you know a right-wing guy that looks like this, that he’s going to make all Australians look bad and is poorly spoken and I can make a full off?

That’s what I think is going on here. He knows that going toe to toe with someone like me, with the number of books that I have read and the amount of knowledge I have on subversion within Australia.

Not only that, but China and my connections to the Chinese diaspora, he wouldn’t be able to pull the wool over my eyes and get me to say something stupid because I know it back to front.

So what he did was he got this guy on, right? He’s like, let me find the guy that makes everyone look bad.

And they found me. Like, I found a father, I find who is working in the industry, I think. Great.

Yeah, it’s great. Instead of debating me, you see, I’m here. I’m ready to go.

I Googled Park one Nation. Yeah, that was even better.

My life has little to do with auto people, I guess. I live out on a farm, 25, 30 km out of town, 125 acres. I mean, my neighbors are a kilometer and a half away.

I work on Earth moving equipment. So I’m in a Yup by myself driving around fixing Earth moving equipment.

Yes. It’s not exactly hanging in the city with the Chinese and has a depth of understanding of China.

Chinese in Australia Are Usually Racist Against White People

So he’ll be less likely to debate him because he’s worried that this guy might get heated and it might get physical.

So I very much doubt from the point of view of a Chinese person that this guy would even challenge him really at all or correct him during this debate or discussion.

His goal is to sit back there. He’s a little bit scared, a little bit intimidated.

This is the evil white man that he’s sitting with. This is the enemy’s skinhead that’s from one nation in his point of view.

So what his goal is to sit back, maybe poke around a little bit and let this guy just talk and let this guy say stupid stuff that makes Australia look bad.

That’s the strategy. Plus, visually, he looks stupid. He’s got kids running around, and he just looks unprofessional. And this is a representation of Australian politics that he wants to portray to the Chinese diaspora.

What does that tell you? This is exactly the playbook of the Chinese Communist Party in Australia. Okay. If this guy is not a CCP member, he would not be doing this to weaken Australia.

Drew Pavlou Peacefully Protested The CCP Dictator in Eastwood (Xi Jinping)

But who is he? Who is Sydney Daddy willing to defend and pay their fine form? Okay, now this is Drew Pavlou. He was in Eastwood.

He was holding a sign saying, Fuck Xi Jinping’s freedom of speech in public. Nobody has a right to lay a fucking hand on him.

You can yell at him. You can say you disagree, but you don’t have a right to even swear at him or abuse him. That should be illegal, threatening behavior.

It’s like if you see religious people in the street going over and abusing them and bashing them because you disagree with their religion. It’s the same thing here.

You’re attacking through Pavlo’s right to say, Fuck Jinping, who is a dictator, who is a threat to this country.

Okay, now how did the CCP agents, the CCP spies, the Chinese Communist party activist, and violent political criminals behave when they saw the draw.

if you disagree with true, leave him alone. You don’t need to go on abusing Drew Pavlou like this.

Asian Privilege Is Out Of Control in Australia

It’s only a free country if you’re an Asian like this Sydneydaddy guy.

If a white person behaved this way in front of an Asian, they would violently attack you and You’ll get arrested.

Drew gets arrested because of the behavior of these criminals. It is purely skewed in favor of Asians here.

He’s holding a baby, and he feels tough enough to hit the sign. He’s like, yeah, I’m on your team.

Because I’m pro-CCP because I’m pro-Xi Jinping Ping. Because I support Xi Jinping. Murdering people within his own country, murdering people in Xinjiang, murdering Tibetans, and threatening to kill Taiwanese.

Killing and murdering and raping Hong Kong people. That’s what this guy does.

That’s what he’s saying with his actions.

I support Xi Jinping’s actions in murdering and persecuting people all over the fucking world. That’s the scum that we’ve got here in fucking Eastwood.

Chinese People Would Never Accept This Double Standard Within China

Imagine if I was in China and I was saying, don’t you dare talk about politics. And I was violently assaulting the Chinese in China.

I get bashed to fucking death. I get stabbed to fucking death.

These pieces of shit are allowed to engage in political violence within Australia and get away with it.

That was assault.

He’s grabbing the guy. Trying to break his camera. Violently assaulting and bashing him.

They don’t care about the police. Drew decided to go back there with a sign and was arrested. This criminal piece of shit here took a sign off a protester in the street.

Drew Pavlou took away his freedom of speech, assaulted him, and the cameraman abused and threatened everybody in the vicinity, and he was rightfully arrested.

That’s whose Sydney Daddy is defending. Sydney Daddy is effectively willing to pay, which is fund. He’s willing to fund because that’s what he’s doing here.

Because this fee is the cost of political violence against people who criticize Xi Jinping in Australia.

Does SydneyDaddy Support Violence Against Critics Of Xi Jinping?

That’s the fee Sydney Daddy is now funding because that’s effectively what he’s doing by proxy here, funding political violence against freedom-loving Australians within Australia.

Now, any of you out there still think that Sydney Daddy, which is what all these Con artists do. Do you know what a Con artist does?

They put the Australian flag there, right?

And then they say something like, Sydney, it’s like Chinese Aussie, you know what I mean? They add Ozzy something.

Because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to lower you into the false sense of security that they’re on your team, but really, they’re working behind the scenes against you.

Here is another video. This video is entirely in Chinese, and everybody here is writing in Chinese.

See, the closed captions are unavailable. I don’t know, but I suspect that that was a methodical action on his behalf.

He removed the closed captions so that people like me don’t know what he says. I’d like to know what he says. Is anybody out there that can translate this video and I can analyze this video in depth.

What he’s saying? I’d love to know, to see if it justifies paying the fine for a violent crime that is acting politically on the streets in Australia.

Does Sydneydaddy Support The Chinese Communist Party Now?

Is that the actions of someone who’s a Chinese person who’s left China, who is anti-CCP because effectively the sign that was being held up by Drew was fuck Xi Jinping?

If Sydney Daddy was against Xi Jinping, he wouldn’t be supporting, and violently attacking people that criticize Xi Jinping Ping within Australia.

In fact, he’s doing the total opposite. He’s not even being silent on this topic. He’s actively going out there and finding the person who is silencing criticism of Xi Jinping within Australia.

He’s fooled all of you. Lao wai said all of you people that thought that Sydney Daddy was on your side and you promoted him instead of me, you were wrong.

And I dare say I’m right.

Why Does Sydney Daddy Feel Empathy For The Little Pinks?

Why would someone fund defend political violence against criticism of Xi Jinping within Australia unless they’re acting on behalf of Xi Jinping in the CCP? Can someone explain that to me?

People like drew don’t really talk to me that often. It’s lonely out here when you tell the truth.

It’s lonely out here when you’re the most accurate expert on China in Australia and you’re not fearful to say it out loud.

Hey, Sydney Daddy, don’t waste your money paying the fine for the CCP supporter that attacked us.

That’s a very mild comment.

We all know the Sydney Chinese consulate already covering the bill.

As you can see, Drew is a little bit surprised. He’s a little bit surprised why anybody is supporting political violence against criticism of Xi Jinping within Australia.

SydneyDaddy’s Actions Are PRO-Dictatorship

If I was an anti-dictatorship, I wouldn’t be supporting and helping political violence that want to call out the dictatorship, would I?

How much more evidence do I need that Sydney Daddy has been playing a long game and the same as the CCP.

They showed their hand by announcing China 2025. And they showed their hand by militarizing the South China sea.

They showed their hand by using geo-economic coercion against other Asian Nations and including the United States and Australia and prove that they’re not a status co-power.

They’re in fact a peer competitor to the United States and they aim to control Asia with an iron fist through violence, coercion and any military means possible.

The same way that China showed their hand too early Sydney Daddy has shown his fucking hand too early.

I want to be the first person in Australia to call this bullshit out. You don’t support political violence against criticism against Xi Jinping.

He is a dictator piece of shit unless you support the CCP and you support all of their violence and aggression and everything thing that the CCP has done.

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