Unilodge: Warning About Staying Here While Studying

Unilodge broadway ultimo Sydney has a few issues we need to discuss today. What is unilodge? its a student accommodation provider in broadway that gives ”affordable” accommodation to students studying at the university Sydney and UTS.

Unilodge Sydney has developed such a poor reputation recently for many reasons. The Sydney morning herald has covered some of these problems. And after doing some digging, I have been told so many other stories that I think is in the best interest of the public. This is a warning to any students who may consider staying at unilodge.

Unilodge Ultimo Employees Enter Private Rooms Without Permission

I’ve received a report that unilodge has been entering private (paid) rooms without permission. A student that was staying in unilodge was laying in bed, when a unilodge employee used the master key to enter a private room.

The student staying at unilodge was laying hald naked on their bed when the unilodge employee entered and stood over the student as they lay in their bed half naked.

Another report was made that tradesmen enter private rooms without warning all the time. Construction workers and men who check fire alarms allegedly enter private rooms all the time at unilodge.

Be very careful sending your daughter to unilodge to stay, there is a good chance a strange man could enter her room by using the master key without warning. These are not isolated issues at unilodge, many students report of this type of ”invasion of privacy” happening all the time.

It’s called quiet enjoyment when a tenant should have the right to stay in a place without being harassed by the owner. Unfortunately, this is not the case at unilodge broadway.

According to the Sydney morning herald, strata levies at unilodge broadway went from $2000 to $10,000 to cover renovations that none of the investment property owners agreed to. SMH said they fear it becoming a debt trap.

Apparently, hundreds of investment property owners were having financial issues due to the 500% increase in their strata levies. The photo of all of these angry investment property owners says it all. Check out the article here.

Unilodge Alleged Wage Theft

”Canberra-based law firm Adero Law is expected to pursue the case against UniLodge and associated universities, including USyd, for wage theft over the past six years”. 

There seems to be a long-standing pattern here with unilodge and its financial dealings. I don’t think we see these types of lawsuits happening very often, yet unilodge seems to find itself in the middle of some of the most unfair issues in student accommodation.

According to Honi Soit’s article, there seemed to be a systematic patter of underpayment at unilodge. And this class action against unilodge is one of the largest underpayments in the education sector.

Before having anything to do with unilodge, you should do your due diligence. Research what unilodge has been allegedly up to. Please read this article written by Honi Soit here.

Unilodge Broadway Underpaying Workers

Unilodge broadway is in the media again and as usual for all the wrong reasons. Daniel Gock was allegedly underpaid such a large amount per shift that it made the Sydney morning herald.

Former students are engaging in a class action against unilodge broadway ultimo sydney for underpayment of wages. This is yet another shocking reminder of how unilodge treats people.

Please check out this article by the SMH on unilodge here.

Unilodge broadway is in the media again, for the wrong reasons too.

Unilodge Ultimo: Gym Closed, Students Lost Their Money

The gym in unilodge ultimo has been closed. During the lockdowns the gym was ”closed temporarily”. This was a huge health risk to all of unilodges students who paid for access to this gym.

It wasn’t just access to the gym that was the health risk, it was the fact that the lockdowns were so severe that it put everyone’s health at risk. So, unilodge in my opinion had an obligation to reopen the gym immediately after the lockdowns ended.

Unilodge didn’t reopen the gym…

So, students contacted the gym owner, students complained to unilodge management. But no one got any answers. Until one of the workers in the gym (allegedly) told students that unilodge refused to pay the gym owner to keep it open.

Allegedly the worker of the gym in unilodge told a story about mismanagement of the renovations, that caused some financial issues. And unilodge decided to stop funding the gym as a result.

The problem is, unilodge students paid the gym fees for access to the gym and these gym fees were never refunded. Leaving many unilodge students angry and suffering health problems from not having access to the gym.

I heard stories about something happening with the unilodge person who was running the renovations too. Just some heavy gossip I was told by the guy who ran the gym.

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