What are the New Victorian Covid Rules?

Here’s a few of the strict new pandemic powers Dan Andrews has imposed on the Victorian people :

  • Victorian Premier Can Declare a state of emergency for 3 months periods at a time. After a 4 week period, the power is handed over to the Health minister who has the power to continue the state of emergency indefinitely.
  • Victorian premier make it law to shut down your business for the 3 month period without any recourse
  • Victorian premier can force vaccinations on anyone in Victoria during the state of emergency
  • Victorian premier can quarantine anyone without reason and restrict movement of Victorians

Here’s some strict new penalties imposed on the Victorian people :

  • Max $90,000 fine for an individual breaking any emergency rules. This means that it’s possible for a police officer who doesn’t like someone, to give that person a $90,000 fine for not wearing a mask.
  • Max $455,000 fine for a business who has broken any state emergency law
  • Max 2 years in Jail for anyone breaking any rule. That means that a Victorian police officer can put a person they don’t like in jail for 2 years for as little as not wearing a mask.

After watching Victorian police abuse their powers in Victoria for almost 2 years now and Victoria breaking a world record for the longest lockdown city in the world. I and many other onlookers are extremely worried about giving these police any more powers. Considering the human rights violations that have already occurred.

Here‘s the one page, simplistic explanation of the new emergency pandemic laws that Dan Andrews has rushed through parliament. The problem with his simplistic summary, is that these laws are over 100 pages long. And many experts in law are concerned, who have read the entire document.

Pandemic Specific Powers

”This is modelled on New Zealand law”

Daniel Andrews

Andy Meddick – Animal justice party

”It’s been written in a way, so that there is unprecedented scrutiny” was quoted as someone who supports the pandemic bill

Fiona Patten – Reason Party

Fiona Patten said : There is no advice that is as transparent as what’s been proposed now.

I’m paraphrasing her because the 9 news video I saw had a cut through what she said which made me unsure if her quote above was accurate on not. But it seemed quite clear that she supports the new victorian state of emergency powers bill.

Samantha Ratnam – The Greens Party Leader

Samantha Ratnam said ”QR code and contact tracing data will be used for public health purposes only and not be able to be accessed by the police”. Clearly Samantha Ratnam of the greens party supports the new Victorian state of emergency powers.

Public health and wellbeing amendment (pandemic management) Bill 2021 (bill).

we are deeply concerned about the Public health and wellbeing amendment (pandemic management) Bill 2021 (bill).

Tania Maxwell – Victoria Justice Party

Tania Maxwell said ”And I find it incredibly sad, that this is the way that our government is handling a bill, that has impacted so many lives, right across Victoria. People have had enough”.

Matthew Guy – Victoria Opposition Leader

”no one talked about imposing the ability for the premier to shut down protests or shut down individuals, on the basis of their personal characteristics. What does that mean?”

Christopher Blanden QC – President of the Victorian Bar

Christopher Blanden QC said ”this represents the biggest challenge to the rule of law that Victoria has faced in decades”.

Paul Hayes QC | Barrister

Paul Hayes QC quote : ”under this new bill, those checks and balances are absent, so it effectively gives the premier and the minister for health, pretty much unbridled power, to do as they wish”.

Victorians Should Be Afraid of these Laws

It seems to me that the Victorian premier couldn’t ”control” the Victorian people during the pandemic. The amount of ”illegal” protests and those annoying Victorian people complaining about their human rights all the time, must be quite aggravating to the Victorian premier.

You can see how these politicians have nothing but utter contempt for the Australian people. They see us as peasants that should do what we are told, instead of the myth that we are the people and these politicians are supposed to serve us. Clearly that is not the case.

Was it in the past? Maybe, but I doubt it.

It’s been made clear that all of us peasants down here at the bottom are not the bosses at all, we are the serfs, the slaves. Surely no fool in Australian society actually believes the myth that these politicians and their armed crony cops are serving us. Maybe it’s written on some useless piece of paper somewhere, but it’s not being enforced, that’s for sure.

Remember, just because someone tells you a lie about your ”freedoms” fact check it. Try use those supposed ”freedoms” and find out if they actually exist. I dare you.

5 thoughts on “What are the New Victorian Covid Rules?”

  1. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Daniel Andrews does not realise that he has turned into a dictator.
    May God save us if Dan is re-elected. I hope people see through the evil intent of what I reluctantly call Our premier.

  2. Make no mistake this law is design to protect only one person and that is person with ultimate power under this law. Daniel Andrews

  3. Poor ole Danny boy is stuck between a rock and a hard place…if he loses his position of power he will have to hide from we the people for the rest of his life…so he is doubling down and trying to set himself up as the dictator…desperate to appease his globalist masters by getting the cattle enslaved to a digital ID system…he may seem cocky on camera, but my bet is that he is very very afraid.

  4. Need to know HOW WE, THE PEOPLE CAN FIGHT THIS KILLER BILL and WIN! Set it up and we will join and help you fight it!

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