What China Learned About The Invasion of Ukraine

As most of you are aware, I’ve been saying for over five years now that China will take action against South Korea before they consider taking Taiwan. Perhaps I’m the only one saying this, well at least it feels this way. The vast majority of ”China watchers” or experts in this field, all tend to believe the invasion of Taiwan is imminent.

Even though the majority of people think this way, I’m going to stick with my own theory. I believe Mackinder’s Heartland Theory is still in play, even one hundred years after it was first theorized, which is very relevant to China’s situation.

Putin’s Essay ”On The Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians”

July 12th 2021 Putin wrote an essay on how Ukraine and Russia are pretty much family and pitching his arguments as to why they should be united again. This 5000 word essay has similarities to how the Chinese view Taiwan. Putins essay has since been blocked in google by western elites, try click on the link and let me know if it still works… Interesting.

When a powerful country’s leader starts to talk about how important a piece of land is to them (even if it’s an independent country like Ukraine) you should take notice. If history has told us anything, these leaders talk about these topics domestically first, in order to figure out how popular such an idea is. Turns out taking back Ukraine was quite popular with approximately 70% of all Russians supporting this idea.

Posted this on my channel in 2018, Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. I’m so accurate it hurts.

2021 Was USA’s Last Chance To Stop China’s Rise (My Prediction)

As I have been saying on my channel for many years, even before it was acceptable to say anything bad about China. It might be ard to believe that I had to be extremely careful with my words from 2015 to 2018 about the dangers of China on Youtube. There’s a very good chance my channel would have been deleted by the censors at Youtube who were in bed with China.

Put simply, I believe and have been saying for many years that the United States needed to take serious action against China before 2021 or it will be too late, damn I’m good, I’m by far the most accurate geopolitical commentator out there.

Now we find ourselves in a situation where Russia and China are taking the first moves, which puts us on the backfoot and we are therefore playing defence. If this continues, they will eventually put us in a position where we find ourselves backed into a corner with no way out.

Russia and China Planned The Invasion of Ukraine

Before the 2022 winter olympics held in China, Xi Jinping and Putin met in Feb 2022 to plan out the next phase of overturning the current world order. Putin wanted did the worst case scenario calculations and came to the conclusion that Russian exports could come under extreme sanctions (he was correct). So, this meeting with Xi was also about increasing gas exports to China by approximately $50 billion to $200 billion USD. This should cover the cost of the west sanctions.

Ever since the 24th Feb, when Russia invaded Ukraine, there’s no doubt the CCP has been watching closely, everything that has happened. They’ve been taking detailed data on every aspect of this war, not just casualties and progress of the war itself, but also on how each country around the world has reacted.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Chinese and Russians are using Ukraine as a major escalation in breaking up the old world order. This is, in my opinion step one of many phases to come.

Odessa Sea Assault Will Be Studied By Chinese Strategists

There are many similarities with Ukraine and Taiwan, but one main difference that makes Taiwan a far more difficult situation for the Chinese. Taiwan is an island, which will require bombing all Taiwanese defences until it’s safe to land Chinese troops safely. As an Australian who knows our history, our land invasion of Gallipoli was a huge failure, where almost 8000 Aussie MEN were mowed down by the Turkish defenders.

Odessa is a similar situation for the Russians, it look like the Russians will struggle to take Odessa without a solid land invasion. I’m horrified at the thought, however, this is so interesting from an educational standpoint. People like myself will be watching closely at what happens to Odessa in the coming days or weeks, as it will give some insight into how Taiwan could be taken.

Taiwans ”Porcupine Doctrine” Could Backfire

The porcupine strategy is what Taiwai is trying to implement against a possible Chinese invasion, which is the use of short range cruise missiles, amongst others, to make a landing by the Chinese as costly as possible. If China was to incur heavy losses, would they continue with the landing? I’d argue they would be willing to incur any amount of losses, just my opinion.

Taiwanese women wouldn’t have the ability to flee Taiwan, like Ukrainian women did. And getting supplies to Taiwan would be almost impossible once they come under attack by China too. Imagine a shipment of supplies trying to land on Taiwan during an attack, this would be connon fodder for the PLA. So, a full blockade of Taiwan would be the first thing China would do, which could make this invasion far more devastating than the invasion of Ukraine, which I don’t think the Chinese want to do.

China Doesn’t Want To Destroy Taiwan

As I’ve been saying for many years now, China will not (in my opinion) invade Taiwan at this point in the game, because it could totally destroy Taiwan as a country. You need to remember that the Chinese and Taiwanese are kinda ”cousins”, they are family to some extent. Not to mention the shear amount of Chinese nationals who currently live in Taiwan.

Therefore, squeezing Taiwan into submission would be a far less destructive strategy. This means that China has to pacify South Korea and Japan first.

Who Would Declare War on China if they Invaded Taiwan?

When you look at the countries that are in east Asia, there are almost none that would be willing to go to war over Taiwan (in my opinion). I could be wrong, however I live in Asia and have been thinking about this topic for 7 years now, I’m classified as an expert, which means that my opinion does hold some weight.

Would South Korea or Japan Dare Cross China Over Taiwan?

Put simply NO! Have a look at the relationship between these countries. Japan and South Korea can’t agree on anything these days, some would argue that there’s still some form of cold war playing out between them. So, don’t expect these two nations to come together over anything.

South Korea would be more fearful of North Korea attacking them under the orders of China. And that leaves Japan in a situation where they would have the hard decision of declaring war on China under the orders of the United states, which could lead to Japan being totally decimated.

I’d argue that neither of these countries would take any meaningful action against China if they were to attack Taiwan, this leaves my country Australia. . .

Australia Would Declare War on China if They Invaded Taiwan

One of the data points the Chinese will be watching in Ukraine would be how important are the nations that are helping Ukraine in the background. Are they a decisive aspect of the war or is their assistance to Ukraine irrelevant. This is yet to be seen, we have not got to the point where we have enough data on the value these other nations are adding to the defense of Ukraine.

Australia finds itself in a precarious situation. We are so far from Taiwan that delivering assistance would be dangerous, and if we were to land supplies on Taiwan, it would simply become target practice for the PLA. Australia is run by incompetent fools who would still declare war on China anyway (in my opinion).

Australian Cruise Missiles Would Strike Chinese Energy and Food Shipments

This would lead to Australia using it’s cruise missiles to take out any shipments of energy or food being shipped around the Malacca straits region. I’d bet that the CCP is fully aware of how this is going to play out and the moment an Australian politician is stupid enough to open their mouths declaring war on China. . .

China will drop a nuclear weapon on Sydney, which will shut us up immediately.

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  1. Interesting as always. I don’t think they’d nuke Sydney though. It’s a juicy prize, and they already control it economically. It would be the home base for the later occupation. I think they’d nuke Canberra. I’d have mixed feelings if they do, to be honest.

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