What do Vietnamese People think About China’s South China Sea Bases?

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Back in 2015-2016 I used to go out in public to conduct many interviews, asking the general public what they think about topics related to China.

The south China sea being militarized by the Chinese communist party was a big deal back in 2013-2014, however, nothing was really done back then to counter China’s aggression.

China used these islands to intimidate fishing vessels out of the nine-dash line from fishing within many other Asian countries.

This caused food shortages among these Asian countries. Not to mention the human rights violations that China secretly used against smaller/weaker Asian neighbors.

Vietnamese people talk about the south china sea

Why is the South China Sea important to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a developing country with a relatively large population. This large population prefers to eat seafood (like most Asian nations).

China has reduced the areas that Vietnamese fishermen can fish, which has significantly reduced the amount of protein the Vietnamese people are consuming.

As China becomes more powerful, they are using their growing power to take larger slices of everything from their neighbors. Remember, China has the largest population in Asia, and therefore consumes more seafood than any other Asian nation.

The Chinese people are becoming wealthier, which makes them want to eat higher quality food over time. This means that food inflation across Asia is increasing as a result.

Vietnamese people who could afford to eat fresh fish back in 2014, can no longer afford fish at all in their diet in 2020. More Vietnamese are relying on rice and noodles to replace seafood.

China Bully’s Smaller Asian Nations

China is like a neighbor who decides to knock down the fence and take part of your land and if you complain, they use violence to force you into submission.

All of the Vietnamese people interviewed said that China should stay in their own area and leave other Asian nations alone. Vietnamese people think that they have a right to use the sea off their coast for fishing or mining or whatever they choose.

China should not be using their massive navy and military bases all over the south china sea to effectively take parts of the sea that is clearly close the other Asian nations. The sea off the coast of Vietnam should not be used by China, this is common sense to most people.

Who really owns the South China Sea?

According to the current laws of the sea, all Asian countries have the right to fish off their coast. Unfortunately, might is right when it comes to China. So, most Asian nations have been forced out of their own sea, due to Chinese aggression.

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