What Is The Most Racist Country In The World? (China)

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The Chinese Communist Party under Mao Zedong’s leadership murdered more people than the entire sum of World War II combined, yet the fascist Nazi state under Hitler received the worst reputation and still has the worst reputation today.

Emperor Xi Jinping’s China has now become fascists and I’m going to try to convince you guys of that.

Fascism is a real problem, and it’s one that we need to understand. In this article, I will explain fascism in detail with real-time examples.

There’s a group of spoiled little rich kids that run around under the name of a group called anti far and they’re running around calling people fascists and the fact that they call people who are not fascists, fascists, diminishes the real definition of it.

Is China a fascist country now?

Is China The Most Racist Country In The World?

Fascism is a Latin word that means “a bundle of rods.”

It sounds simple, but for the most ferocious and deadly ideology in world history, it has a sinister meaning.

It means that a single rod is weak alone, but when you bundle a load of rods together, they become strong.

This implies that the individual has no value yet.

The collective is very powerful, therefore fascists believe that killing the collective interests is far more important than any individual, and they will dispose of anyone who threatens those interests.

In China these days, people are locked up for going against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Which Country In Asia Is The Most Racist?

The idea that anyone would break away from the unity of the bundle is so offensive to these people that they treat them as traitors.

Sound familiar?

That’s how communist China behaves today if you say anything against the fascist Chinese Communist Party, you instantly disappear.

In fact, the group anti-fascists seem to use this same bundle mentality to attack other people.

Recently, people have been calling themselves “patriots.” This is a form of nationalism, which is not exactly fascist yet.

It’s still on the same spectrum, somewhat towards the middle whereas fascists are at the extreme.

Has China Become The Most Racist Country in Asia?

Nationalism means that you believe your country is unique and you have special obligations towards it.

Yet fascism means that you believe your country is supreme, the supreme nation, kind of like how China calls itself “the Middle Earth.”

It’s like we are the best nation that the world has ever seen and that you have exclusive obligations to your nation.

The only difference between a patriot and a fascist is that a patriot believes their country is superior while a fascist believes their country is superior AND they are obligated to defend it with violence.

That’s why when someone says they’re a patriot, it could mean anything from “I love China” to “I hate other countries” or even “I hate other Chinese.”

A nationalist or a patriot can be any number of identities: they can be a mother, a vegan, a rugby coach, Jew or Muslim, a libertarian, a scientist, or social justice warrior. Etc.

But a fascist only has one sole identity: they are a member of the fascist party.

They’re allowed to have any other conflicting identities as long as they stay loyal to the fascist party.

How Fascist Is China?

How does a fascist evaluate art?

A fascist evaluates art in a very simple way: if the piece of art furthers the national interest, it’s a good piece of art. If the art does not further the national interest, it’s terrible art.

How does a fascist decide what to teach children in school?

Fascists decide what to teach children in school by deciding what to teach them in school.

This is what Joshua Wong was fighting against.

The re-education of Hong Kong children to the CCP is fascist brainwashing not to mention even the fascist re-education camps in Xin Jiang where over a million we guys are being brainwashed as you are reading this article right now.

How does a fascist decide what type of companies to build?

Fascists use their power to build companies that help them control the narrative of their country.

They do this by simplifying their political message, which is then consumed by a mass audience.

Fascism is a seductive ideology that simplifies the narrative for mass consumption.

It’s the idea that every other nation is your enemy, even your own people.

How Does China Behave When Compared To Fascist Germany?

When you can control 1.5 to 1.7 billion people, it’s easy to see why fascism is so popular: it simplifies the narrative for mass consumption and offers up a simple solution to complex problems.

Fascism is often defined poorly because people think of it as a hideous monster.

They describe fascism as ugly and dirty while failing to explain what is so seductive about it and why people join up to become fascists in the first place.

This is why we have so many fascists in the world today; they adopt this evil ideology without even realizing it.

When they look in the mirror, they see something beautiful and think they cannot be a fascist.

The problem with evil is that it can be quite beautiful.

Hollywood often depicts Satan as a handsome businessman in a suit or a sexy vampiress who seduces you and then sinks her teeth into you and turns you over to the dark side.

Back in World War II, if you looked in your mirror, you would see something beautiful, but the Holocaust was in full swing, gassing people just outside your window.

Is The Chinese Communist Party Racist and Fascist?

The same way the daughter of a Chinese Communist Party member would look in the mirror and think I’m a beautiful Chinese girl, yet 90% of China’s population is living in abstract poverty with a GDP per capita of under $7,000.

There are some notable similarities between China today and fascist Nazi Germany of the 1930s to 1940s.

Germany had gone through World War I and they’d suffered defeats, which led to a massive decline in their economy.

Part of the reason why Hitler rose to power was that he promised to restore Germany to its former greatness.

That’s exactly the same template we’re seeing played out in China today with fascist Emperor Zi Jing ping and the Chinese Communist Party.

China’s history is centered around its hundred years of humiliation at the hands of Western powers, and they believe that only the Chinese Communist Party can restore China to its former glory.

The narrative of China’s history is centered around its hundred years of humiliation at the hands of Western powers, and they believe that only the Chinese Communist Party can restore China to its former glory.

As a result, they call themselves “the Middle Kingdom,” as they believe they are superior to all other countries on earth. Hitler was an unelected leader for life.

And there was talk that he would become King, which actually meant restoring a monarchy.

Why Is China So Racist?

Emperor Zi Jinping was elected by the Communist Party, but he is the leader for life.

There’s also talk that he could become emperor or restore a monarchy in China with Chinese characteristics.

At last, Nazi Germany is famous for its racist policy of asserting that having blond hair and blue eyes makes you superior to other races.

It is exactly the same template China is playing out with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pushing the idea that if you are of Han Chinese descent, you are superior to everyone else.

If you’ve been looking at the rhetoric surrounding Asians crying racism and playing the victim while the CCP continues to point out dark-skinned people, it should be clear what they’re doing.

Is China a Racist Civilization?

They’re following Hitler’s playbook. In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler laid out a roadmap for how he would gain power, and one of his strategies was to choose three points and stick to those points until he brainwashed the people.

Those same three points are being repeated over and over again by China now, they’re pushing China all around the world, just like Hitler did with Germany.

● The Chinese government is pushing three narratives:
● Everyone else is bad except for the clean Han Chinese
● China is a victim of Western imperialism and
● China is a fascist state.

The Chinese government is using this type of propaganda strategy by pushing these three narratives:

that everyone else is bad except for the clean Han Chinese; that China is a victim of Western imperialism; and that China is a fascist state.

They’re pushing Confucianism, which is a philosophy of Chinese culture and ethics.

They’re pushing Han Chinese as the most superior race, which was a white supremacist ideology that was used by Nazi Germany as well.

Is China Xenophobic?

Here are a few more questions to help you guys understand what a fascist really is:

What would an immigrant fascist do when they arrived and settled in your country?

Well, that would further the national interest of the fascist state within your country possibly by building a Chinatown.

Do you know what else would further the national interest of the fascist state? If we call New Years’ day, which is calculated by the new moon falling in late January or early February Lunar New Year for everybody else.

No, they would call it whatever furthers the national interest of the fascist state They would call it Chinese New Year.

What would a fascist call a festival for children?

A China Fun Day.

I couldn’t find a proper definition of fascism on the Internet. Not a real accurate one, anyway. So I had to seek out the writings of Yuval Noah Harari who has a Ph.D. in history from Oxford University.

The guy is an absolute genius and imparts his wisdom in his writings, which helped me define fascism in the most accurate way today.

They say if you don’t know what fascism is and you don’t know what the right definition of fascism is like those people of anti far then how are you supposed to see it coming and prevent the horrendous genocides of World War II from repeating today? We can’t.

China is a fascist Chinese Communist state party-run state

China is a fascist Chinese Communist state party-run state.

It is an evil dictatorship, and it cannot be stopped. If China snaps within the next couple of years, your children or grandchildren will be living in a time of the genocide, the same way that has happened in World War II.

I believe that China is more than capable of causing World War Two-level terrors, and I also believe that this is almost inevitable.

People often confuse nationalism with fascism, but they’re not exactly the same thing. They’re on the same spectrum, you’re either less or more nationalist in your thinking.

If you care about your country, you are on the lower end of the spectrum.

But if you don’t care about your country? You’re higher on the spectrum than even fascism.

There are many people who would agree that Australia is one of those countries where people just don’t really care about their country.

Because they don’t really take an interest in what happens there or how it’s run, they just want to get by peacefully without interference from other parts of society.

The Australian nationalist movement is far from strong. The only thing holding Australia together is our economic power and the fact that we have a high standard of living.

When that decreases, we’ll be in a lot of trouble.

China is right up the top on the fascist scale, and fascist countries gobble up other countries that aren’t even nationalistic and willing to stand up for themselves.

That’s why Australia is a sitting target and we need to start taking action now.

Because the strains don’t care about Australia and the Chinese love their country, they’re willing to die for it. China is a fascist state and it can’t be stopped.

You’ll be living in terror in the next 15 years, I feel sorry for your grandchildren.

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