What Would Cause China To Nuke Sydney?

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Before AUKUS was even thought of, before Australia even considered buying nuclear-powered subs from the United States, before covid and definitely before the global times openly warned that Australia could be a target for nukes.

I was doing interviews and warning of this threat on my Youtube channel.

Back around 2018, I (Dave Lee) started to formulate the idea that China could attack Sydney Australia with a nuclear bomb.

This made me feel the need to go public and start warning people about the possible threat of China nuking Sydney.

I thought, that by warning people about such a horrific possible future, the Australian people could start to at least discuss this possibility. And when a discussion starts, often solutions can start to be created.

Interview About China Nuking Sydney in 2019

Will China Drop a nuclear bomb on Australia?

What Would Happen If Sydney Got Nuked By China?

What matters is that China could still, in a few hours inflict more damage and kill more Americans than we were killed in all of America’s previous wars combined, which must affect America’s decisions and make any President think twice base when the chips are down.

That is awesome. American policymakers’ reluctance to acknowledge this reality is extraordinary, instructive, and unsettling.

The most likely explanation for it is. Simply that the US leader that no US leader wants to try convincing American voters that defending a US ally in Asia is worth risking a devastating nuclear strike on Los Angeles.

If they are not prepared to try to convince American voters of that.

What chance would they have of convincing convincing Chinese leaders? This is a really important thing.

Will China Drop a nuclear bomb on Australia?

If Sydney was nuked, is America going to rally to a cause? Are they going to come?

Are they going to save us, or are they just going to leave us in the dumps?

Well, after reading Hugh White’s new book, which was just released this year, it seems Hugh White, who has a Ph.D. a professor in strategic studies, doesn’t tend to believe that there would be a response.

I’ve read this book and I didn’t really know anything about Hugh White until this year.

I’ve done a little bit of research on him, but I’ve had this theory for a very long time because I pieced together where the Chinese communities were.

I came up with this theory quite a long time ago. And I mentioned this to you as more of a conspiracy theory.

I’d like to start this off by asking the audience, and hopefully, there are people they’re watching right now.

If you guys are in the comments right now, I have a question for you. It’s not whether you think Sydney could be new.

The question is, if Sydney was New, how would the international community respond? What do you think would happen?

And if you have a look at that, the paragraph given at the very top of Hugh White’s book, he makes it very clear that if America was to react, then they would risk being nukes themselves.

That would be losing Hollywood, losing LA, losing Seattle. California would be a target for Chinese nukes, and therefore, it will be far too prohibitive for them to engage.

How Would USA React If Sydney Got Nuked By China?
How Would USA React If Sydney Got Nuked By China?

Chinese Submarines Can Nuke Sydney Easily

My theory is that China and there are 700 submarines because Hugh White, his defense strategy is island and sea and air defense, which makes it easier for us to defend against their attack.

It would be so expensive for the Chinese to want to try and attack us. So it just doesn’t make sense that they would do that. In the savvy nature of the Chinese.

This would be a cheap way to meet an end. And they have so many submarines, so my theory is that they could get a submarine off the coast of Australia and nuke the CBD of Sydney.

Now, Have you seen the photo? The one where a 20-kiloton nukes Sydney CBD. And it shows the radius. If you have a look at it, this is a 20-kiloton nuke.

The inner radius would be totally destroyed. And you see the Gray outer radius. That’s where the radiation would hit. You could survive in that area.

But these suburbs that have been underlined, these are Chinese suburbs and you guys know the saying, there’s no Chinese in Chinatown.

So the theory there are all these Chinese in Chinatown, it’s not very valid. This is where the real suburbs are. And the one right at the top, that’s Chatswood.

Would China drop a Nuclear Bomb on Sydney?

Now, that city is huge. It is like a Hong Kong just off the top of Sydney CBD.

It is enormous. I’ve got a few other images, like the heat map, to get a better understanding of what would be taken out if a 20-kiloton nuke was to hit Sydney CBD.

A 40-kiloton nuke would reach Bondi Beach, so it would take out the entire city.

Right at the top, there’s Talawang. And it goes all the way down to Chatsworth.

This has just been finished. Now, all of these suburbs north there’s Epping. Epping links up with other Chinese suburbs offered, like Eastwood. It links up with another train line.

So you can see how this is a plan to send a lot of foot traffic through to Chatswood. Chatswood is the largest suburb amongst all of those suburbs that have a huge Westfield.

China Would Avoid Bombing Chinese Diaspora in Chatswood Sydney

Let’s just say all the people from Chatswood aren’t going to Talawong.

Nobody goes to Talawong. The people from Talawong, they’re getting on the Metro and they’re going to Chatwood and they’re going to spend their money in Chatswood.

Chatwood is home to the headquarters of Huawei, which is being banned in America. Yet we have their headquarters here.

They’re opening up stores, and Huawei stores at the home of Bank of China, which doesn’t the same as Huawei doesn’t hire any local people and it’s very racist towards the Australian people and helps money laundering in Australia and getting CCP members into our country.

Chatwood is, in my opinion, a serious threat to Australia’s National security. I know it’s an outrageous claim, but I believe in the future, you guys will look back and go, wow, this is the only guy that actually identified this.

I believe also that this 100-year marathon is linked to Chatswood. Sydney, Australia.

Now, if Sydney CBD was nuked as part of the plan, I don’t think Chatswood is ready yet, but it is a huge city already and they’re building it up.

This suburb is a huge parasite on the Australian people.

And when you look at it, if the Australian government used our taxpayer’s money to build this Metro to send foot traffic to Chatswood to send more money and put it into the pockets of this Chinese Communist party run colony in Chatswood.

And then all of the money goes into the pockets of the Chinese Communist party people there and then they don’t pay tax.

This money is not going back into the government. It’s literally a parasitic city on our just north of Sydney CBD.

Would China Nuke Sydney?

It’s called the Asian Heat map and it can identify where the Asian suburbs are and you can kind of see that there’s a loop around it’s like a radius around the CBD.

There are a lot of Asians within Sydney CBD. If you go through Sydney CBD I’m the only white person.

Someone questioned that the west would get involved Australia is full of resources and that’s what they want so he’s saying that the US, Canada, etc would rally here because of our resources.

Does no one care about history? What about the fact that we’ve always been there for them? Does that mean anything or is it just about resources at the end of the day?

No, I don’t think history is really important to what is happening today. But there’s a pattern here.

So when China took the Senkaku Islands and started getting all aggressive around Japan everybody thought that America would step up to the plate and do something about it.

But Obama did nothing and they haven’t done anything yet. Except for these foreigners, this freedom of navigation operations through the South China Sea, nothing has changed.

So their response has been so pitiful. If a submarine was to get off the coast of Sydney and launch a nuked of Sydney CBD.

What Are The Chances That China Would Nuke Sydney?

Then Xi Jinping was to come out publicly and say China had nothing to do with nuking Australia and we want to give our condolences to the Australian people and we want to help out as much as we can.

The international community would probably think that it was China.

But then they would think, hang on. And every day that goes past that, no one does anything about it. The likelihood that China has literally just knocked off America’s number one ally in the region.

Somebody asked me international community would let Australia burn to laugh out loud.

So that’s kind of an interesting real CTE and then a whole bunch of people said yes, basically agreeing that Australia is on its own in this regard. There is no China choice.

Hugh White’s first book was The China Choice. That’s the one I’ve read.

I haven’t got around to reading this one yet. But The China Choice, it’s this balancing act, and it’s this assumption that America will always come to our aid.

But in an isolationist mode. America depends less and less and less on the world. I mean, it depends less on the world. It wants to go home.

Japan is the only country that has the same interest as us.

Will Japan rally if we got nuked?

That is a good question. 100% no, and in reverse. And that’s what Hugh White says. I’m not an expert in strategic studies.

Hugh White is, and I respect the professor who has spent 40 years of his life studying these things.

And he said no, if Japan was attacked tomorrow, Australia would not get involved unless it affected our interests.

So how do we expect Japan to get involved if Australia was nuked?

China Threatens To Nuke Australia Over Aukus

China says AUKUS makes Australia a target for Chinese nuclear bombs
China says AUKUS makes Australia a target for Chinese nuclear bombs

Who Would Defend Australia If China Nuked Sydney?

Another very interesting point. He said we just get branded nuke phobic or radiophobic or something. But this is an interesting point.

They might just quarantine us and say, oh, well, all of the defense bilateral relationships avoid their main city has gone down. They’re basically defeated already. There’s no point defending them.

100% that’s exactly what I’m trying to get here is that if we get nuked I know it seems like the opera house is not that important or the Harbor Bridge isn’t that important.

But they were to disappear. That would be such a hit to the identity of the Australian people. Secondly, they’ll take out the RBA, they’ll take out the ASX, they’ll take out our business hub.

And third, we would be far too scared to get involved in anything that America would want us to get involved in the future. With one South Swoop overnight, China could knock out America’s number one or number second most important ally in Asia.

A lady questioned Margot Huss she says the US won’t stand with us because China already owns us.

Margo, if you haven’t read the book “Silent Invasion”, this is a very important book. And this is where Professor Clive Hamilton, where he does talk about a lot of the political influence, and he touches on a little bit of the economic influence in Australia as well.

I recommend Australians read this book. Most of the countries in Asia rely on China for their economy, and that’s how America built its influence around the world.

It’s through their economy. And it doesn’t seem like any country in Asia would be willing to risk their economy for human rights.

Few of the questions that have been asked, Aussie says no, there are not enough of us Aussie’s loyal to the west, therefore, they won’t rally.

David Smith says the US would definitely get involved at this point at the point of Sydney getting nuked.

Is Australia a Target For Nuclear Attack?

If you want to say that America is going to get involved, you need to keep in mind that America will be risking California being nuked.

Yeah, exactly. So you have to think about the trade-off effects.

There’s no such thing as human rights. And if you get nuked, don’t think that God or any sort of magic is going to come and save you.

I tend to believe there would be a long month of condolences. China would probably then say, look, we can send troops down there to help you out. We’ll probably give you a loan.

So the old-fashioned Salami tactics back from the Cold War.

Hugh White mentions the Cold War and he mentions the Soviet Union in his book that the Soviet Union were certain that if they did anything wrong they attacked their neighbors, and the United States would send nukes into the Soviet Union.

Now that is not the case today. China has been calling the United States Bluff and it’s slowly getting worse.

The ultimate goal would be to knock a country like Australia out of the alliance, and then it would only be a matter of time until America has been pushed out of Asia, totally.

How do we raise awareness? about things including things like Chatswood, which is so fundamental and so important to unlocking the global game.

I’ve noticed that out in the public you have to become very specific and identify one specific problem. And I’ve identified the Chinese Communist Party.

When I look around, I realize that if you just go out and you just focus on one thing building awareness around the Chinese Communist party, and then let the public run with it.

That’s the only way that we can protect the west. How we can fight back is by keeping the message as simple as possible and by keeping the message as simple as possible.

We focus on one thing, the Chinese Communist Party and that’s something everybody can get behind.

Falun Gong, Falun Dafa Tibetans, Taiwan, the Hong Kong people, and the millions of people in Xinjiang that are being persecuted.

The Mongolians, the Japanese, South Koreans, everybody can get behind one simple message. The problem with some people’s messages is it becomes too complex we can go deep on all of these topics and would take hours.

But at the end of it, what do you take from that? You need to take one message. The Chinese Communist Party is a threat.

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