What’s It Like Being a White Guy In Australia

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This invasion of my personal space is a perfect example of the oppression that minority white men face in major cities today. Below is a video, but read my little rant first.

Everyone has been hating on white people for years, to the point where even the most oppressive things can happen and no one will care.

More specifically, white MEN. White women in Australia are still some of the most spoilt/privileged demographic on planet Earth

The mainstream media hates white men, it seems like I cannot go anywhere or watch anything that doesn’t hate my skin color and my gender.

To make things worse, Australia is probably one of the worst places on planet Earth for a white man to exist today (2022).

Australia is an Asian Country Now

There is a misconception that Australia is a white person country, that is owned and controlled by white people. This is just not entirely true.

Sure, we have the 1% wealthy elite who are mostly white people (mostly psychopathic white Australian women).

However, these people live in their gated communities, work in their sky rises.

What I’m trying to say is, these elites are not even apart of society, they’re living in their own bubble that is far removed from the society that I personally live in.

Australia has had mass immigration from Asia, so much immigration, that these Asians arrive and immediately start telling ”born and bred” Australian’s like myself what to do.

It’s like we’ve imported our own slave drivers.

And I’m their minority white man slave.

White Australian Men Are The Oppressed Minority

There is a huge difference between how Asian immigration in Australia behaves and how they behave in other western countries.

Massive difference!

When immigrants are still the minority, they fear the local laws, they also have respect for the local people. This is normal around the world, however, this is not the case in Australia.

In other parts of the world, immigrants respect the locals because they fear being deported, they fear getting in trouble etc. This is how immigration should be.

If an immigrant wants to live in your country in order to have a better life. They should respect you. Otherwise they are simply invaders or colonisers.

In Australia we have so many immigrants, that they arrive with such a disgusting attitude, that they can only be seen as colonisers.

I have no doubt in my mind that the majority of them would love to exterminate all white men from this land.

They love to date the privileged white Australian women though. Remember my first videos in 2015 (Asian man white female). This was not an accident, I could see what was happening.

South Koreans Are Some Of The Worst Immigrants To Australia

Let me explain what I had to deal with in the video below. Before I started filming, there was an altercation because these South Korean racist immigrants had zero respect for my personal space.

Remember, many arrive and think they own the place.

I’m standing on the platform for the light rail, this Korean family hasn’t arrived yet. I’m standing there minding my own business. Keep in mind, the platform is mostly empty.

Then the family that has 2 Korean guys in their 20’s, 2 older Korean man, a prma with a baby and 3 women.

They come right up in my space. As if I don’t even exist, totally disrespectfully. So, disgusting, I wish I had footage of what happened from a 3rd person perspective.

The main guy there whos in his 20’s and has glasses on. He literally stands right in front of me, turns his back on me and reverses up to the point where the back of his head is only a few inches from my nose.

The the older guy starts reversing the pram towards me, both of their shoes are literally 1 INCH from my shoes. On a platform that has no body on it, these scumbags decide to push the only white guy around.

Now, some of you might think that this was an accident, maybe these Koreans can’t see, or my white skin makes me invisible.

Yeah, right….

These racist Koreans deliberately decided to be passive aggressive and use their numbers to force me to move. This is the best metaphor for how BAD IMMIGRATION works…

They pretend to be just going about their own business, while passive aggressively taking from the local Australians.

I Stood My Ground

I decided to stand my ground, because I have every right to do so, and I’m sick of immigrants taking from me.

Both these men reversed their backs into me, THAT”S RIGHT, these pricks literally started trying to push me away physically with their backs.

I steadied my footing and said ”hey, I’m standing here”. They just said ”sorry”, but didn’t give me any space. Instead the old man started reversing into me again.

So, I said ”Do I have to move?” ”Why can’t I stand here?”

They simply said ”sorry”

Then 2 other Korean men in the background came over aggressively and started asking what happened? AS IF I DID SOMETHING WRONG!

You know the cliche, innocent Asians are always the victims in Australia from those big scary white men. Which is a total lie by the way.

At this point I got my phone out and said, ”what, so I have to move?”. All of these scumbag Koreans could see that I was about to call the police, or film them, that’s when they backed off a little.

Then I said ”I’m 1 white person, against 7 Koreans. Don’t pretend you are the victims, I’m the victim here” Then the 2 Korean guys surrounded me asking ”what is your problem?”

That’s when I clicked the record button and these pieces of shit backed off. You can see in the video, that the women stepped in to pull that scumbag Korean back when I started filming.

She knew what was happening, these Koreans are colonisers, racist bullies that are here only to take from us. Disgusting.

It’s the same grey zone warfare that happens in the South China Sea. It’s about taking bit by bit something that doesn’t belong to them, and if anyone says anything, they start to escalate the situation.

That’s what happened to me in Sydney, at the hands of these scumbag Korean immigrants.

These Koreans knew that they outnumbered me, and they decided to use their numbers in an aggressive manner, so that they can racistly push me around.

To make things more insulting, they said on multiple occasions that they were just moving the baby, they were innocently pushing the pram. You see how they can be the aggressor, totally out number me and STILL PLAY THE VICTIM.

This ”I’m the victim Asian” lie is out of control in Australia. It’s used to take what they don’t deserve and to aggressively attack innocent people like myself in Australia.

Makes me sick!

So, I started filming and this is the video below.

South Korean scumbags harassing a white Australian man

South Korean Immigrants in Australia

There’s a good chance that the older Korean people in this video have immigrated to Australia and are sitting on the old age pension too.

Keep in mind, it’s been projected that white Australian men my age will never receive the old age pension due to economic mismanagement, and an oversupply of parasitic immigrants who take far more than they give.

It feels like there is no where to escape these racist and xenophobic attacks as a white Australian man these days.

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3 thoughts on “What’s It Like Being a White Guy In Australia”

  1. Regret allowing immigration

    Ungrateful to government

    Vietnamese Indian

    Not Australian which is kindness

    THEY only care about money

    Yes they don’t have etiquette unkind

    Let vote for Pete Dutton said

    Pauline Hanson rights
    Governments need to ildeplll

    Depot those losers to Iraq and Afghanistan wars

  2. I lived in Sydney right where you are last year.
    I experienced the same bullying from Indian, Dutch, South Americans, Chinese, South East Asians, and Arab Muslims.
    Most people don’t realise the extent of it because these messed up individuals only show their true colours when you’re alone.
    Great you got some of it on camera.
    I’m not saying it’s only foreigners that behave like this but there is definitely an overrepresentation of this behaviour in that demographic.
    I moved interstate. I’m never going back to Sydney.

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