Which Australian Politicians Are Corrupted By China? (Morgan C Jonas)

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As the first Australian to call out the Chinese communist party publicly in Australia, Dave Lee was a trailblazer who lead the way within Australia.

Dave Lee’s bravery attracted many Aussies to the cause, one of those was Morgan C Jonas who was a huge fan of Dave Lee in the early days.

Morgan C Jonas learned in depth just how much Chinese influence was happening within Australian borders from Dave Lee’s Youtube channel. Morgan reached out to Dave Lee in the early days and they became friends, Dave made Morgan an admin of his FB group back in the day too.

Dave would give tips behind the scenes to Morgan, on how to start up his own movement against Chinese communist party influence in Victoria.

Morgan C Jonas was one of the thousands of Australians that Dave Lee woke up to the Chinese communist party threat to Australia during his time online as an influencer.

Dave Lee Co-ordinated Anti-CCP Action in Australia From Behind The Scenes

After Morgan C Jonas came out publicly, Dave Lee helped promote him to his audience, like Dave Lee has done selflessly with multiple other Australian’s

China’s Geoeconomic Coercion Against Australia

Daniel Andrew is a mercenary and war criminal. Morgan C Jonas is a concerned Australian who has spent a lot of his time researching the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, signing Victoria up to the Belt and Road initiative.

Morgan C Jonas has organized protests, he’s also a moderator of our group Just Another Concerned Australian which is focused on one particular issue that Australia faces.

Morgan C Jonas is going to do is tell you what’s going on in Victoria with the Chinese Communist Party’s influence within our country.

Morgan C Jonas, last year you organized the protest. How did that go, who turned up, and what were some of the outcomes?

Morgan C Jonas: We had a great demonstration, we made posters about the Belt and Road initiative on my social media for quite some time, and the rogue actions of Daniel Andrews, who essentially circumvented the federal government and ignored the advice of the experts to sign Victoria up to the Belt and Road initiative.

My posts online were falling on deaf ears and I came across a petition online that was gaining a few signatures from a Hong Kong girl living in Adelaide (this was in the early days when Morgan C Jonas didn’t have an audience online yet).

Who Signed Australia Up To The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative?

She was calling on Daniel Andrews to be investigated for corruption regarding his ties to the Chinese Communist Party and I thought:

“Well this is interesting, somebody from South Australia showing an interest in us Victorians.” So, I checked the owner down and we started talking.

We had this idea that we should launch an anti-Beltran Road demonstration and call Daniel Andrews out publicly for his inappropriate dealings with the CCP.

We had our event last December and I was really happy with the turnout. We had about 200 people, three members of state parliament speaking, and community leaders from Melbourne speaking from different communities, the Vietnamese and also the Chinese community.

The biggest supporters of this initiative are Chinese Australians because they probably understand the trip better than anyone.

I remember reading the “Memorandum of Understanding” and it was quite vague. There were no concrete plans and no dates. What do you know about it so far?

Morgan C Jonas was a fan of Dave Lee in the beginning
Morgan C Jonas was a fan of Dave Lee in the beginning

Why Are Australians Protesting Against China’s Geoeconomic Coercion?

Morgan C Jonas: The first one was initially signed in 2018 and it was very surprising to a lot of people.

The Prime Minister made remarks about it and expressed concern that a state premier was essentially trying to take the role of the federal parliament in the federal government in making these types of foreign policy decisions.

It was just pleasantries that didn’t tell us anything at all about the nuts and bolts of this deal or the extent to which Victoria would get involved.

How the financing would work, where the workers would come from or what jobs specifically may we be offering up to Chinese Communist Party-backed construction firms.

It was more like a soft little handshake agreement. Sounds nice but doesn’t tell you anything.

China’s Debt Trap Diplomacy in Australia

We’ve seen unfounded claims from Andrews on his website and he speaks about it to the media saying that this is going to create jobs for Victoria.

He talks about creating all of these opportunities, but he has yet to demonstrate how a single opportunity of what he proclaims will happen can happen.

It’s the same story for other nations that get involved in these types of deals except the all negotiations take place behind closed doors.

So, when he goes to China and he meets with these CCP officials, we have no idea what they’re speaking about. He has left us in the dark and it’s very concerning.

Do they want our port? Is that part of the deal?

Morgan C Jonas: It’s within the realm of possibility. China has been acquiring ports and airstrips throughout the world, claiming that these ports and airstrips will be used for commerce purposes.

We look at where the infrastructure is positioned and it’s very easy to imagine these projects being used down the track for military purposes.

That’s why people like General Robert Spaulding have expressed a lot of concern about this deal.

Which Australian Politician Was Controlled By China?

Daniel Andrews has said that it does not include the port, did he say that?

Morgan: He hasn’t explicitly said that as far as I’m aware.

If we were, for instance, in a location like Singapore or Sri Lanka that means that Hong Kong trade would be stopping off shipping containers to our port, and then it would be continuing the problem.

It’s as if we’re at the end of the Belton Road initiative.

That means that the only reason for having it would be to send products to us and doesn’t let go of everything that we are trying to do now by reducing our reliance on this country.

Morgan C Jonas: Victoria is the easiest access to Tasmania, where China is engaging in the mass acquisitions of medicines, potentially as a headquarters for their exploration in Antarctica.

That’s just a possibility but we see a conversation there.

But what we’ve seen from all around the world is that the Beltran Road initiative has nothing to do with reciprocal trade and everything to do with advancing the leadership regime of the Chinese Communist Party and creating maritime routes and online routes to flood markets with Chinese products.

How Has China Negatively Impacted Australia?

Do you know anything about the agreement or has he given any hints on his website?

Do we know whether we are going to go into debt or have to invest in this Belton Road initiative bailout of our funds?

Morgan C Jonas: He has alluded that there may be possibilities for building aged care facilities in China and that there will be opportunities for Chinese construction companies to explore infrastructure contracts.

These contracts companies are distinctly hand-picked by the Chinese Communist Party.

So, if you’re talking about things like loan amount investment, payment terms, collateral interest rates, makeup of workforce where materials will be sourced from.

Only he knows what he has spoken about, I think that he presumes that people were just too stupid to ask these basic questions.

Who Gave The Port of Darwin To China?

In third-world countries, where they have a dictator, I can understand why they wouldn’t bother telling the people. Are we really at that stage already?

In China, they don’t tell the people what the real game plan is but I’d like to know, has he been promised to work for China, is there a big company that he has been promised a job?

If he ends up leaving politics at the end of pushing through this belt road initiative, and he ends up working for a Chinese company afterwards.

We should have some sort of common law put in place where he gets locked up because that’s as close to fraud fraudulent behavior as you could get.

Recently, Malcolm Turnbull Rody published his biography and he talked about Andrew Robb. In this book, he mentions how Andrew Robb was very Pro-China behind closed doors as well.

As soon as he quit, he ended up getting a million-dollar-year job for a Chinese company. This is how they buy off our elites.

Who Are The Australian Pro-Beijing Politicians

Morgan C Jonas: We don’t know if he has misspoken and they perhaps have some dirt on him.

We don’t know if he’s been promised some title or there is some type of delayed incentive for him being so pro-Beijing and pushing ahead with this Dalton Road initiative.

Has the Chinese Communist Party offered Daniel Andrews something inappropriate and if they have, has Daniel Andrews accepted something inappropriate?

He chose the Chinese Communist Party life, they will never speak anything about Taiwan or Hong Kong or what’s happening in the Indonesian province.

We see it all the time, we lose pro-Beijing Western politicians that get into bed with these folks from the Chinese Communist Party, and then they magically start speaking exactly how the Chinese Communist Party wants them to speak.

I understand that the second protest you had, was canceled because of the virus, so what are people talking about?

Why Does China Want To Control Australia?

Morgan C Jonas: He has a great PR team. He has probably put more money into his social media account than any other politician in the history of our country as far as I’m aware.

Slowly, people are starting to pay attention to this whole situation with the coronavirus and the wide speculation that the CCP allowed this thing to spread.

This guy is dangerous and is putting us at risk perhaps for many generations to come.

Possibly, they’re planning so far ahead that after our economy collapses and China has the reserve currency, they would be able to turn Victoria into slave labor and build factories down there to benefit them.

Morgan C Jonas: You mentioned Chinese jobs and we know that one of the key ingredients for the CCP to have same power is to keep producing Chinese jobs.

And to keep slowly increasing the standard of living so that the average person in China will look the other way to some of the terrible things that the government’s inflicting upon their people.

They’ll just remain silent in the face of this radical authoritarian control.

How Dave Lee Helped Anti-CCP Activists in Australia From Behind The Scenes

Can you tell us a little bit about the Hong Kong lady that you connected with and why is she so interested in this issue, what are her theories on this?

Morgan Jonas:

She has a life here in Australia and is very devastated as to what’s happening in the decimation of what was a very well-to-do functioning democracy now being strangled by the tyrants of the CCP.

She witnessed what was going on over there, feeling completely heartbroken, and also witnessing the creeping influence of the Chinese government here in Australia.

It’s Not The Chinese People, It’s The Chinese Communist Party

Throughout history, China has not been a government, it’s been a civilization and they’ve always needed a strong ruler to hold the country together, and to some extent, that’s why the Chinese Communist Party has come about.

The Chinese Communist Party is doing the opposite. They’re keeping this country together because there are so many different types of people within China that actively try to tear it apart and the hundred million people who are in the Communist Party hold it together.

I dare say, if they had a democracy, the hawkish people within China would vote for far more aggressive stances against their neighboring countries.

I think they’re far more solid and far more resilient than the Americans. America is more of a divided country than ever.

Less people are buying Chinese goods so that works in our favor. Fifteen percent fewer shipping containers are going around the sea.

That hurts China the most because they’re an exporting nation. Fewer dollars are going into the country, and because of this virus, everyone is hating China, at the moment. That helps the United States.

China is a Civilization

Morgan: If there is a silver lining to this virus and the damage and loss and suffering it has caused it’s that people are looking at China now.

It’s generally agreed upon that the Chinese Communist Party mismanaged the outbreak of the virus. People are holding the Chinese government responsible for this.

If there is a silver lining is that we can lessen our dependence on China. Prompt our leaders and business leaders to think about new ways to diversify our economy.

How Dave Lee Helped Morgan C Jonas

At the end of this video Dave Lee told his audience to go follow Morgan C Jonas’s social media, which helped him gain followers in Victoria who were already active in the anti ccp movement.

Dave Lee was by far the most influential anti-Chinese communist party influencer in Australia at this time. And by sending people to Morgan, that gave him a huge boost in credibility.

The most important thing for us is what’s happening with our politicians. The issue here is the unknown. It’s the scariest but now people are waking up.

Morgan: If you suspect that one of your local members is involved in some type of illegitimate business call it out.

When we see the emergence of pro-Beijing politicians and candidates and we look at their behavior such as in the case of Daniel Andrews and we see his trips to China.

He has compromised our democracy and his relationship with Beijing is setting up a very dangerous environment for meddling in our domestic affairs. We need to be on the lookout.

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