Which Countries do not have a Bill of Rights?

The Real Truth Behind Human Rights Violations in Australia. You might not think human rights violations could happen in a modern country like Australia. But it’s a sad reality that they do — and they can take many different forms. Here are some of Australia’s hidden most common human rights violations within the country — and how you can help the innocent Australian victims put a stop to them.

Violence and abuse is Accepted By Australian Police

The Australian police are only used to protect the wealthy, their own police force, politicians, women and any elite connected to them. The vast majority of violent cases are subjectively assessed on the spot by uneducated police officers who make snap judgments on violent crimes. These judgments are purely based on how much wealth/influence the victim of the crime has.

For instance, if a woman was assaulted, they would know that the mainstream media would report on it, if a politician was assaulted (even spoken to rudely) the mainstream media would report on it and of course a wealthy person has the means to pay for expensive lawyers. Let alone if another police officer was to even break a nail, hell, that person who slightly hurt that police officer would be persued to the absolute ends of the Earth by the Australian police.


Let’s say a poor white man was bashed almost to death, this poor man cannot afford to pay for expensive lawyers (who only give justice to wealthy people), this poor man doesn’t have a connected family, he doesn’t even have one important friend. Also, the Australian mainstream media only cares about wealthy and connected elite white men, they don’t care about poor and innocent people, yes that’s right, the mainstream media doesn’t care about justice in any way shape or form, they are corrupt.

Well, unfortunately this poor, unconnected white man will never get justice, the Australian police will looks at the crime and totally ignore it because they only pursue violent crimes that someone is willing to pay for. In fact the opposite will happen in 99% of these criminal cases, the police will not solve the crime by arresting the violent offender, instead, they will go back to threaten/scare the victim into not pursuing justice himself.

You see, before governments were created, people took justice into their own hands, that’s why we created laws, police, and the justice system in the first place. The current Australian system has forgotten this, they only further victimize (victim blame) the innocent people in our society further.


Violence and abuse of people — be they children, women, or people with disabilities — is a human rights violation that has been all too common in Australia. Sexual assault is a major concern, especially against children and people with disabilities. When violence is perpetrated against women, it’s often within their home and carried out by a partner.

Why doesn’t Australia have a Bill of Rights?

Since John Howard was prime minister of Australia, the Australian government has had nothing but contempt for the Australian people. John Howard took away the Australian peoples right to bear arms, and ever since they have had a visceral hatred of the common man. The Australian government is one of the most evil governments on planet Earth but it’s still wealthy enough to hide it’s evil, soon it will run out of money and start to show the world how truly evil it is.

Pregnant Women in Australia

The violence and discrimination pregnant aboriginal women face in Australia is shocking.
Including 30% of pregnant women in Queensland and 31% of those in Western Australia, those who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and pregnant are five and a half times more likely to be hospitalized due to attacks and attacks only happen to them only.
Discrimination against pregnant aboriginal women is also increasingly common — with 29% of Queenslanders and 20% of those in Western Australian feeling they’ve been discriminated against.

Sexism – Australian Men Are Openly Discriminated Against

In Australia they call it ”positive discrimination” which has nothing positive about it. Open discrimination against men by the government, the mainstream media and the Australian police is an epidemic that is slowly destroying this country, it’s cancer that will eventually collapse this country from within.

Sexism is another common human right violation in Australia. It can mean treating someone unfavorably due to their sex, sexuality, or gender identity. It can also mean denying someone their human rights on the basis of their sex.

Indigenous Australians

Many indigenous Australians experience poverty, unemployment, and a lack of education. This is a direct result of institutionalized racism, including the “white Australia” policy which banned non-western immigration, and made it illegal for Indigenous Australians to own their own homes or vote.

The Australian government has been using the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as slaves. They have forced them to live in reserves, they have banned them from getting an education and they’ve taken their kids away. It’s time for something to change. Here are some of the many different ways in which Australia is violating Indigenous Australians human rights:

  • Discriminatory laws

Australia is unfortunately a diverse and multicultural country, and many of its residents identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders. Yet, aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are often discriminated against by discriminatory laws from the government.

One of the most high-profile Australian examples is the controversial “paperless arrest” laws. The laws allow police officers to detain a person without a warrant, which many say is a human rights violation.

  • Lack of representation

In addition to discriminatory laws, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders often don’t have representation in government, even though aboriginal (original) Australians make up a quarter of the population. One-third of these people live in poverty.

  • Lack of a right to vote

Another human rights violation is the lack of a right to vote for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. In 1967, the Australian government abolished the right to vote for Aboriginal Australians.

  • Medical Experimentation

Australians have been prisoners of war, experimented on, and sent to concentration camps. In the 1960s, then-Prime Minister Robert Menzies called for a “Final Solution to the Aboriginal Problem,” a plan to eliminate the local Aboriginal population. They were given minimal food, no medical care, and no means of survival.

Australian Government Discrimination

Discrimination is a human right violation in Australia that men, women, people of different cultures, social backgrounds, genders, or sexual orientations experience. One facet of this violation is the disproportionate level of violence, harassment, and abuse that people of color experience in Australia.
To end this violation, educate yourself on the realities of racism. The useless Australian Human Rights Commission defines racism as “discrimination based on race, color or ethnic or national origin,” or bigotry that is “expressed in particular forms of repression, violence or exclusion that are based on race, color or ethnic or national origin.”

The Australian Military

The Australian military is engaging in the systemic torture of children.
Recently, the United Nations and human rights groups have called on the Australian government to stop the torture of children by its military.
While some people might not be aware of what’s happening, in reality, over the past few years, there have been many incidents of abuse particularly against children in detention centres. At the moment, Indigenous children make up almost half of the children in detention.

How to report human right violations in Australia

You can report it, but no one will listen unless you are extremely connected, or wealthy.

If you believe you are being abused, discriminated against, harassed, hurt, under threat or have your human rights otherwise violated, there are ways to report it to an appropriate agency or organization.
These organizations can help you with the specific complaint process.

The Australian government has set up mechanisms for reporting human rights violations but none of them will help you unless you are a woman or wealthy. The Australian Human Rights Commission is one such mechanism, allowing Australians to report violations of human rights to the commission by email or phone.

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