Why Australia Should Ban Wechat – Alex Joske

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ALEX JOSKE WAS ASKED IF WE SHOULD BAN WECHAT. Today I got good news. I found out that insiders are talking about banning WeChat.

We’re going to cover all the news that has happened this week. Yesterday, Mongolia reported two cases of bubonic plague.

The YouTube channel Strange Strategic Policy Institute has experts in the field talking about my favorite topic.

Alex Jost is the guy who did the vast majority of the work of “Silent invasion”, the book that V. Hamilton claims to have written but a lot of the work was written by Alex Jost.

Australia should ban wechat – ALEX JOSKE

Is Wechat a National Security Risk?

The calling and influencing of media is a very important part of the United smart operations in Australia and also around the world.

This includes both traditional and social media. The most effective method carried out by United Front groups is through commercial incentives.

In many cases, people in these United Front organizations are very well connected to the Chinese government and could provide good connections or potential commercial contracts from various Chinese businesses and companies.

It is at these events that United Front roots host where you can socialize with Chinese business circles and connections for lease contracts.

They need to control what is being reported, so if you’re a media that reports on commercial issues you won’t even be able to get your foot in the door at these events.

You will not get your connections and will be told which media they can advertise in and which ones to avoid or else they will face repercussions.

I think WeChat is slaying under the radar of most Western democracies and is the biggest.

wechat is a national security threat
wechat is a national security threat

Does The Chinese Government Use Wechat To Spy On People?

Most people only know about this information and it’s raining on WeChat but. It’s how it spreads to effectively mobilize the Chinese community and support.

We have hundreds of organizations in Australia, each of them has many of these routes, and some of them have almost 50 earthly spirits and with 500 people in each.

We post about where to eat on holidays but when critical matters come up, the information can spread extremely quickly by these routes.

Is Wechat Malicious?

WeChat is being used to influence our elections as I have told you before. Another thing I would like to add is that unlike Facebook where we have a search bar and you can find groups but within WeChat, groups are impossible to find.

For instance, I started a group and I wanted to add like-minded people to my group through WeChat. And let’s say I wanted to put a hit on someone or I wanted to commit some sort of a crime or drug deal or I have a group of Chinese spies.

My WeChat can add up to 500 people as and I can connect with all of them and as long as everybody within that group does not want to expose the group, the group is impossible to find.

In WeChat, you can start a group and no one knows you’re in there, you only get added if you know someone within the group.

I think that’s very important to understand that there are handlers within Australia that are connected to the CCP, who are acting under the radar.

Does Wechat Steal Data? Alex Joske

Let’s get on to what Alex Joske said:

Alex Joske: I think the starting point should be to engage with 10-7 reach up and try to hold it accountable to the same standards.

There’s almost a separate stream of moisture that has Australian servers and special settings in Australia, and it’s transparent and free from surveillance and those settings are built-in in consultation with the Australian government.

I’ve been thinking we should start looking at banning WeChat soon.

Is Wechat Spying On Australians?

We should ban WeChat sooner rather than later before it becomes more aggressive.

I also am aware that WeChat does bring a lot of money into Australia and it can cause a lot of creative destruction amongst a lot of businesses in Australia, that will have to innovate out of this obvious problem.

When we eventually do ban WeChat we need to limit WeChat’s reach. within Australia.

this was shared in the group as well and I highlighted a bit here for traveling to China authorities detain foreigners because they’re endangering national security Australians may also be a risk of arbitrary detention.

This is a warning to all Australians thinking about traveling to China or if you’re in China you should get out as soon as possible.

This is evidence that all Australians traveling to China are risking their safety and that you could say we are officially at war with China.

Is China Using Wechat To Spy On Australians?

You don’t just start detaining people for no reason unless you’re at war with them.

1.6 million Australians, including Daniel Andrews, are talking about banning tick tock because it is so popular.

That’s taking ad revenue away from the media and they’re pumping a lot of money into social media and taking views from influencers like me.

I think that part of the reason why tick-tock is number one on the list isn’t that it’s as much of a threat as WeChat. It’s more of a financial threat to the media.

My new favorite news organization Gavitas have some news for you:

“China is not known to obey or abide by my orders. China is also engaged in a dispute with Malaysia. Islands are included in Malaysia’s exclusive economic zone.

We use next Cambodia. China owns Cambodia. In Thailand, China has been dredging the Mekong River since 2001, time and again by gravel into scrap Chinese products. The last instance was in February 2020 this year.”

How Does Wechat Monitor Australians?

China also wants to create a Thai canal there so that they can avoid the Malacca Straits. They’ve pumped a lot of money into Cambodia.

Cambodia is owned by China at the moment. 60% of land in Thailand is owned by Chinese nationals that have got a passport in Thailand.

A lot of people know that Malaysia refused to take any loans from China. They also brought in the Chinese Navy.

They’re not just taking islands it has killed many Vietnamese fishermen, taken down their fishing vessels, and killed them.

“Nuclear islands are the big flashpoints in North Korea. China has a continuing dispute with Mountlake and the Tumen River in South Korea China claims islands in the country’s exclusive economic zone.

This is on good days and on bad days China cleans entire South Korea.”

Wechat Is Used By The Chinese Communist Party To Gather Intelligence

South Korea is covered in China towns. If you have a look at China, historically, four of their big empires went all the way from over here and all of this land.

If China wants to lay historical claims to all of its neighbors, expect China to continually be pushing on all of them.

The entire Korean Peninsula was China at one stage. This is how China behaves, they think: “We owned it a thousand years ago, therefore we should take it back.”

“Dating back to 1884, China also claims 34,000 square kilometers of land in Pakistan, including Iran.”

When you look at the old Silk Road that goes all the way through to Europe, they want to establish another land power, and let’s be honest, they do have the manpower to do it.

How The CCP Uses Wechat Around The World?

“Then you have an Islamist Congress 160,000 square kilometers and landslides – several agreements Loni Moore’s law.”

They highlighted the whole of Russia, but Vladivostok is right here.

It’s close to North Korea and it’s right on the border. It’s not the entire country, so they’re exaggerating it, but if you have a close look at it the ancient Silk Road, goes through here.

So, if China wants to lay claim to historical claims, that means every country between China and Europe through to Iran there could be some claims being made on them.

You need to be aware that anybody that likes to say that China is a peaceful country, a status quo country and they believe in the rights and freedoms of everybody.

China’s Hong Kong security law is about winning the hearts and minds of the next generation. As John Mearsheimer says “nationalism is the glue that holds the nation together”.

You can see China is building up a strong nationalistic country, so a lot of these kids who are five years old, in about 15 years, around about 2034, these kids will be ready to go.

If everything keeps going the way they are, these kids will be killing your kids.

The reason why they’ve been allowed to do that is that your parents, the baby boomers, made a huge mistake in trusting China and just assuming that China was going to democratize and be a peace-loving country.

Can Australia Stop Wechat?

The countries that are against China cracking down on Hong Kong are predominantly rich countries that believe in human rights.

But we are not just a democracy domestically, we are a democracy around the world, and by the looks of things the world has voted and they don’t care about the Hong Kong people so we need to take that into account and this is partly why I am a China bull.

The world will go with the country that’s a factory and able to produce cheap goods. Cheap goods can be a very good medium of exchange even though we rely on the US dollar.

China is looking like they could win and a lot of these countries have come out openly to support them. On the 24th of June Aussies were putting up Chinese ornaments for the Chinese year.

I thought it was a bit of propaganda and I called up two GB. I asked these guys why they didn’t put the Australian flag alongside these Chinese ornaments and they yelled and screamed and called me a racist.

Then, I called up GB and I was told that hanging up the Australian flag is some form of Rights of white supremacy thing.

Michael Burry On Wechat And The CCP

Michael burry recently came out and started up a Twitter account. He is a legendary trader and he is very interested in water suppliers.

He’s investing in water companies that control large amounts of water. China also controls a lot of the water that flows through into India by controlling parts of Tibet and the mountain mountainous regions around them.

The water flows through to Cambodia and Vietnam as well. Now, China is setting up so that they could divert the water from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. into their own country.

They’re also setting up to shut off the water supply or the majority of the water supply that goes into the subcontinent as well.

This is another issue that I don’t think too many people are covering and there are a lot of countries that rely on water from other countries.

We are not a water-rich country, we do have a large landmass but we often have droughts and if we want to enjoy the standard of living that we have today, we need to make sure that there are not too many people here or we will have serious shortages of water.

China Owns Australian Water Supply

Let’s see what he has to say:

“When you own something in Australia it’s hard to keep it a secret.

When it comes to water, we know the country’s water barons come from, but we don’t know their names, we don’t know their faces and today we learn a little bit more information about the foreign ownership of water.

More than ten percent of our water is foreign-owned. We’re told that about a fifth of that is owned by China, so ten percent of our water is foreign-owned.

China is in the first place, then the US, and then the UK. So, while China threatens Australia on just about every other front at the moment, they’ve also got both hands on our water.”

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