Why China’s Belt And Road Initiative Is Falling Apart? (2022-2034)

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I’d like to give my thoughts on how the west united to crush China’s belt and road initiative. So, I’ll try to keep on point with this one.

Mid 2020 many people were complaining about the lockdowns, some were talking about how inflation was going to increase, and many people (like myself) were pushing back against these outrageous lockdowns.

Some of these dissidents were canceled, and some were arrested…

By mid-2020 I knew these lockdowns had nothing to do with catching a cough, because what we were being told never matched up with the reality on the ground.

As most of you know, I see the world through the lens of geopolitics in every aspect of life.

China’s BRI was gaining traction throughout the world, and China relied on the reserve currency (USD) to facilitate BRI expansion.

USA locked down the global economy, which reduced China’s exports, which in turn reduced the amount of USD entering China. Then USA expanded the USD supply to reduce the purchasing power of China’s USD reserves. I believe this was done purely for the purpose of hurting China’s belt and road initiative.

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What Is Wrong With China’s Belt And Road Initiative?

China’s version of the American WW2 marshall plan was starting to progress quite well. China had overtaken the United States in trading partners.

I believe mid 90’s for USA and China were over 100, China wasn’t only making more trading partners, but China was also making more friends. China became the worlds largest exporting nation in the world , just like USA did before WW1 kicked off.

This naturally was unacceptable from an American point of view, so they started to plan out a strategy to put a halt to the Belt and road initiative.

How Does China Benefit From The Belt And Road Initiative?

Keep in mind, England suffered from technology transfer to the United States a few hundred years ago, and in the same way, the British tried to put a stop to America’s rise with a few unintelligent strategies. USA learned from this failure of the British to hold them back, so they had to be more clever.

In 2019 I knew something serious was about to happen for several reasons:

  • USA became energy self-sufficient (shale revolution)
  • The US elites came to Australia in 2019 and had serious talks with the Australian leadership

To be honest, I believe the entire lockdown and cough drama was only created for the purpose of shutting down China’s belt and road initiative and their economy. As I said above, reduce the amount of USD flowing into China, so they cannot keep expanding.

Belt And Road Initiative Countries Are Going Bankrupt

You’ll notice that most of the countries that joined the belt and road initiative are now having serious economic problems. Sri Lanka, Greece, and Italy are three of a large list of countries that are almost bankrupt in 2022.

Either these countries were in economic trouble already, and that’s why they signed up to the bri or the bri was purely a good infrastructure deal that went bad due to the lockdowns over a cough.

I’d argue that some were in fact good infrastructure deals for these countries. Most would never have had a chance to get any infrastructure builds going without China getting involved. Sri Lanka did fault on their debt early, which gave China a 99-year lease on the port of Columbo.

Is China’s Belt And Road Initiative A Debt Trap?

Final thoughts. Although I’m totally against China expanding their influence throughout the world, the BRI was quite a good deal for many developing countries that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to get some big infrastructure projects done on their own.

However, China was too busy making shady deals with dictators in these poorer countries. If only these countries had better functioning ”democracies” (no one is a democracy except for USA).

The people at the bottom of these countries would have had a great chance to benefit from these BRI deals and build a better life for themselves.

Instead, corrupt politicians like the Sri Lankan leadership ended up stealing money from the people, while making these deals with China.

And if China was not busy building up their military for the purpose of intimidating it’s neighbours, I doubt we would have needed to get together to shut down globalization to hurt the Chinese economy.

Dictators are to blame for all of these problems in my opinion.

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