Why Do Hong Kong People Migrate To Australia?

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Hong Kong people in Australia are requesting that they are allowed to stay in Australia unconditionally and relaxed visa restrictions on Hong Kong people.

Almost like giving them refugee status from the city that is one of the richest cities on Earth, which is kind of ridiculous.

Being white is probably the worst handicap. You can have when you want to speak about freedom so that’s why I’m being silenced.

But I want to bring this article to your attention.

Hong Kong groups call upon Australia to allow students to stay and to reconsider the free trade agreement. Now let’s address the free trade agreement first.

Why Hong Kong immigrants should not be allowed in Australia

Hong Kong People Move To Asian Suburbs

Australia’s economy is in trouble if we’re suffering from a trade war between China and America. Our security partner and our largest trading partner, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

America just dropped it. So what we’re doing is we’re trying to sign as many free trade agreements around the world as possible to try and keep our economy afloat.

So why should we damage our economy for the Hong Kong people?

That’s the first thing.

No, we should not be doing that. We should be doing our best to keep this economy going.

We should not be suffering for other people around the world.

Because if roles were reversed, I guarantee you the Hong Kong people would do nothing for you.

Hong Kong Migrants Move To Chatswood

Let me explain my personal experience.

I’ve been to Hong Kong many times myself. I met a lot of Hong Kong people in a nightclub in Sydney, CBD quite a long time ago, I met three couples. We went out drinking.

I showed them around Sydney and they invited me back to Hong Kong and I thought, okay, I’ll see you guys.

In a couple of weeks so I flew over there I stayed a couple of weeks and they showed me around.

They were very wealthy Hong Kong people that didn’t work all they did was a party over there.

I met Quack at a party over there as well.

These people were quite connected in Hong Kong. Now, when I arrived, I’ll go to stores in Hong Kong and I learned some new words, Diole.

I thought, oh, nice to meet you too. But what they were saying to me was, fuck you, white man. And that was just the beginning of a lot of racism that I experienced in Hong Kong.

How Many Hong Kong Immigrants Are Spies For The CCP?

The Hong Kong people were rich at this stage. They were far wealthier than the people across the border in Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

And they’re quite arrogant as well. And they thought they didn’t need anyone. And so what they did was they became extremely racist.

I was in Yulong where the bashings were, and I experienced more racism.

I went with some Hong Kong friends to meet more Hong Kong friends in their Hong Kong friends in Yoon Long.

And they openly said to me that they hate foreigners. They said that to my face. I went into a shoe store in Central, right where the riots were happening.

I know all these spots where all these riots, I know all these areas. I’ve been there. I went to a shoe store and asked about the shoes.

The guy serving just didn’t say anything. He just ignored me and said, Hey maybe he’s got hearing issues or something tried to show him the shoes, and he just said, Dioly.

He didn’t even want to serve me. He didn’t want me to buy something from him.

That’s how racist this guy was.

Why Australia Should Stop Allowing Hong Kong Immigrants in?

Also went to a restaurant with some friends. And at the table next to us.

There were four Hong Kong guys who apparently in Cantonese were saying all these racist things about me, and I didn’t know and my Hong Kong friends were like, oh, let’s go these guys are being assholes.

I was surrounded by racism when I went to Hong Kong.

Now, one thing you need to understand is that they’re fighting China because China is taking away their freedoms.

If Hong Kong was still really wealthy right now, and Australia collapsed, the opposite happened.

Do you think the Hong Kong people would allow us to move to Hong Kong? I don’t think so. From my personal experience, Hong Kong was one of the most racist places I’ve ever been. Crossing the border into Guangzhou.

I was treated better than I was in Hong Kong. Yet the same right-wing extremist Hong Kong people, when they come to Australia, they become left wing and they demand a fair go, which is just outrageous in my opinion.

Most Asian Immigrants To Australia Are Racist Against White People

So let’s get onto this article.

Key points, pro-democracy groups of court for Hong Kong and to remain in Australia.

They say an Australia-Hong Kong free trade agreement should also be postponed.

This is ridiculous as well.

Let’s go down. We urge the Australian government to reduce restrictions concerning visa applications for Hong Kongers who want to immigrate to Australia.

Allow Hong Kong residents currently in Australia unconditionally to extend their stay.

This is ridiculous as well.

The difference is if you guys know the channel Asian Boss.

I was making very similar content. The difference is Asians would see a white man with the same type of content and never subscribe.

Yet Asian bosses would always subscribe.

Businesses would hire Asian bosses, they wouldn’t hire the white guy no matter how good my content was.

Now I was getting millions of views.

I was getting not as many as the Asian boss, but I was getting millions of views.

I was wondering why no one was subscribing because of racism that is the same type of product.

The racist Asians living in Western countries will buy the product from the Asian and not buy it from you because of the color of your skin.

This is what we’re going through right now.

This is very serious.

So then what I decided to do was maybe Asian Boss is just better than me.

Hong Kong People Want To Live In Australia

I’m just not being realistic.

Then I started comparing my content with other channels that were making similar content in the past, but they were Asian men, but their quality was ridiculously low.

It was just pathetic content, but they were making similar in a similar niche.

They would get fewer views than me.

Yet they would get a ton more subscribers because their content was quite low people didn’t watch to the end.

People would subscribe to the Asian guys and not subscribe to the white guy.

Now if you’re white, what that means is that it doesn’t matter how qualified you are, it doesn’t matter how competent you are, it doesn’t mean how good you are at anything.

It doesn’t matter what service or product you provide they’re not going to buy it from you because of racism.

That’s what that means. That’s the real problem that we’re suffering from right now.

If more Hong Kong people move to Australia, where does that bring the fight that brings the fight to my country?

Taiwan Doesn’t Trust Hong Kong Students Anymore

And I’m already being silenced in my country snd it’s already not fair.

I’ve got an example that I wanted to bring you guys as well when you catch a plane when the oxygen masks fall if you’re going to have a crash.

They say you should put the mask on yourself and make sure that you have oxygen before you put it on say your child’s face to protect your child.


Because if you’re struggling to put it on your child’s face and you pass out, you can’t help anyone and both of you die.

Now if we export the war to Australia and we collapse, how does that play out?

China wins. So now you have a problem with the Chinese Communist Party. You fight it in Hong Kong, you fight it in Sydney CBD and destroy my country.

I’m already being silenced here. I want to give you guys another example.

The author of a book, Clive Hamilton, I have two books well, you see, what I did was I bought one book so I can read it.

I bought the second book so that I could financially support Clive Hamilton because I believe in the cause.

Clive Hamilton talks about the invasion of Australia and how Chinese spies are subverting our country.

China Experts in Australia Are Being Silenced

Now, recently a guy tweeted out that he might have discovered a Chinese spy and captured him on camera.

Now, what happened was Clive tweeted that and Clive agreed that there’s a possibility that that guy was a spy.

He also went on a radio show and confirmed that.

He was speaking to pro-China protesters it seemed. While speaking to them, their dialogue was interrupted and a Chinese well-dressed man, said something to them and immediately stop speaking and left.

Now, after this video was uploaded, and loaded on YouTube, there was a huge reaction from people in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, saying that the Chinese man was likely to be some sort of state operative.

They even dragged out photographs of somebody seen at the Chinese consulate here who looks very much like this person in the streets.

Now, that’s not to say he is and not to say he’s doing anything wrong.

I’ve talked to some people around the industry, and they say this is not unusual to have effectively Chinese agents in the streets intimidating Chinese people living in Australia.

I think Harvey’s interpretation was probably right. You could see that the Chinese students who are happy to talk to the journalist suddenly shut up and became quite fearful and disappeared.

This guy had a lot of authority over them.

But as soon as people came out and called the guy who was doing the interviews, a Nazi, even though he was a Jew, Clive deleted his tweet.

Racist Asians In Australia Are Cancelling White People

You see, many of the people who told him to delete the tweet were either Hong Kong people that pretend to like democracy or just Asian people in Australia.

But what they were doing was silencing a white guy because they’re the right-wing extremists silencing us within our own country.

That’s what’s going on here.

We are the victims of racism in our own country. I’m left-wing.

I’m constantly trying to be a part of my community, but I’m not allowed to be a part of my community because I’m white.

That’s what’s going on here. So people like Clive Hamilton, are no longer fit to be a part of this. Something small like deleting a tweet shows that you won’t even be able to speak up in public.

If there’s any small little bit of backlash. You’re not fit to be a part of this movement at all. And you’re selling out your grandchildren.

If you have any.

Another thing I want to bring to your guy’s attention is Facebook groups.

There are these two Facebook groups, which I’ve been a part of for five years, now, and I’ve seen nothing but race hate Australian-born Chinese, and Asians living in Australia nothing but race hate is in these groups.

So recently because Australians are starting to wake up to the subversion in this country they’re starting to clamp down on people in these groups.

So I’ve been kicked out of these groups.

These are immigrants to Australia and they’ve built their e communities that do not allow you in and I’m a racist for trying to want to get into your group within my country.

Asian Double Standards in Australia

How does that work? That means you’re the racist, not me. I want to be a part of your community within my country.

Why am I excluded from your community in my country? Why am I excluded from getting jobs in Australia because I’m white? That makes you a racist.

That doesn’t make me a racist. Makes you a racist for not hiring me in your Chinese businesses? That’s what racism is.

You’re discriminating against me because of the color of my skin.

Now, why should we export this problem to Australia?

I don’t think we should….

I would also like to bring to your attention the 66-year-old Australian Lady who was fired recently and then the Chinese business owner decided to put up an ad saying Asians preferred.

Now keep in mind this is not just an attack on Hong Kong people.

This is an attack on you and me. I’m just one of a fair go in this country.

This lady was fired because of the color of her skin and this is what’s happening in Australia.

It’s becoming an apartheid state within Australia and we’re losing our freedom I just wanted to bring this article to your attention and say no more because I’m losing my freedom.

Every day more racism comes to this country we need to put a stop to it now.

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