Why Rich Kids Should Never Become Australian Politicians – Dougal Cameron

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I’m not saying that Dougal Cameron is a rich kid, nor should any of my assumptions be taken as fact. This blog is mostly speculation based on little information for entertainment purposes. Any alleged speculation about Dougal Cameron, his family or any of his associates should only be taken for entertainment purposes only.

Why Australian Politicians Don’t Represent Lower Classes?

Most Australians come from the middle and working classes, they have to work full time just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

These Aussie battlers don’t have the time to have a detailed understanding on Australian politics. This makes the average Australian easily manipulated by the mainstream media and basic slogans put out by Aussie politicians.

Another downside to Aussie battlers being to busy surviving, is they cannot afford to spend time on getting into politics. Australian politicians need to spend unpaid time and effort building relationships within a certain political party, before they can even run for a seat.

The vast majority of Australians cannot afford to get into politics for these reasons, which only leaves Australian politics open to wealthy Australians (the 1%). And we all know that history has proven that the wealthy can never empathize with the lower classes.

And when the wealthy disrespect the lower classes, countries start to break apart, revolutions start, foreign nations find it easier to influence these countries etc.

Today I’m going to discuss why we need to prevent wealthy Australians (who get into politics) from making foreign policy decisions that can destroy Australia.

Dougal Cameron Australian politician Dougal Cameron's brother doing a racist Asian eyes gesture
Dougal Camerons brother looks like he’s making a racist Asian eyes gesture. Do you think this is racist?

Why Do Australian Politicians Make So Many Mistakes?

Below we have today’s case study, his name is Dougal Cameron. As you can see from this video, he looks unhygienic and unkept. Dougal Cameron has long wavy hair that would never pass a HR interview for a professional job.

Dougal Cameron is eating and drinking (with his mouth open), he even talks with food in his mouth during this podcast. This is how most people would think the lower classes would behave.

However, we see kids from the 1% acting this way more often than middle to lower classes simply because wealthy kids are rarely put in their place or rarely reprimanded for bad behaviour.

This lack of correction, leads wealthy Australian kids to think that they are always right, because no one ever puts them in their place.

This is how within one generation, we can have truly incompetent and simultaneously arrogant people at the top of a society which triggers collapse of a society.

Dougal Cameron slanders Dave Lee. He reacts viciously without verifying that what he’s being told is true. Most politicians these days act without facts, this is hurting Australian society.

Dougal Cameron Slandered Dave Lee Without Evidence

I’m totally okay with being slandered and accused of outrageous things because I believe in freedom of speech. Just make sure that anyone who has a shot at me knows that I will (if I can be bothered) fire back.

Above you can see in this podcast, the host Tim said that Dave Lee mentioned Dougal and Dougal Cameron just assumed that what Tim was telling him was true. The fact of the matter is, I never said anything about Dougal Cameron, never mentioned him in anyway in the lead up to this podcast.

In fact I didn’t know hardly anything about him until I was mentioned in the snippet above.

Imagine how Dougal Cameron would react if he was to find himself in a position of power under these circumstances. Some random person tells him something, without verifying whether it’s true or not, Dougal acts on false information.

Maybe he would behave differently if he find himself in a position of power, maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes. But what if he doesn’t ever learn?

Is this the type of person you’d like representing you as a politician in a position of power?

He’s definitely not who I’d like representing me, as I’d like a politician who wants to know the facts before acting.

Not a politician who shoots from the hip with non-verified info…

How Does Classism Affect Australian Politics?

Ever wondered why your boss is so stupid and incompetent? There’s a good chance your boss is a spoilt rich kid that never truly earned their spot in your company.

What Is The Relationship Between Class and Politics?

The two main problems I see with children of wealthy parents, is they have never had to earn anything. And they have never had to battle through the world on an even playing field to an Australian from a poorer background.

Rich kids will tell you about how they struggled to earn their degree or some other privileged problem like that, but they never had to work part time to pay rent or buy food while studying did they…

When an Aussie battler is trying to get a university degree, they have to deal with a whole range of issues that a spoilt rich kid has never needed to deal with.

Let’s compare a hard working Aussie battler to a spoilt rich kid at uni

For example, working part time minimum to pay for rent, food, basic study costs etc. This comes as an opportunity cost as well, while an Aussie battler is working then coming home to cook for themselves, they cannot study can they, this opportunity cost makes it more difficult to get good marks at uni.

The spoilt rich kid doesn’t have to work at all, rich kids don’t have to worry about rent or food. Most rich kids will come home to their mommy cooking dinner too.

This means that the rich kid has far more time to focus purely on studying for their university degree. They don’t have to cook or work, which gives them far more time to make sure they pass with good marks.

Let’s assume the rich kid and the Aussie battler were to get the same marks at uni.

While the Aussie battler has at least 25% less time to study for the same degree and is unfortunately given zero credit for putting in far effort and obviously, being far more intelligent and hard working than the spoilt rich kid.

Poor Australian University Students Are More likely to Have Aggressive Outbursts Caused By Stress

We aren’t even taking into account the shear amount of stress an Aussie battler would be under during their university days. The Aussie battler would be far more likely to have aggressive outbursts, arguments with other students etc

Because the stresses that an Aussie battler is put under during their university days are never recognised, these outbursts can destroy their reputation. While the spoilt rich kids go through university without any stress.

This makes the rich kids seem externally far more competent, when in fact it’s the opposite, they have far less to do and are far less competent in every aspect of life.

Clearly, if the Aussie battler was to achieve the same level of academic success as a spoilt rich kid in Australia. The fact of the matter is, the Aussie battler would be at least 25% or ever 50% more competent and intelligent than the spoilt rich kid, when we take into account all of these factors.

Wealthy Australian Kids Verses Aussie Battlers with University Debt

After finishing university, the Aussie battler has the added stress of paying for the university debt. This puts more pressure on the Aussie battler to get a higher paying job immediately, which is often not the case.

So, the Aussie battler has to (in most cases) take a temp position or an unpaid training position while still working part time somewhere else to get through.

While the spoilt rich kid often has work connections through their parents. This is how the elites corrupt the entire Australian job networks. Rich kids are often simply slotted into a well paying job straight after university.

Rich kids are more likely to be given more room to make mistakes at work too. If the boss is friends with the rich kid, they are less likely to fire or reprimand the rich kid because they are in a way baby sitting their friends child.

Dougal Cameron unprofessionally using a vape while on a podcast.
Dougal Cameron says in this video he wants to give parts of Australia to Hong Kong people, so they can set up their own city in Australia. Effectively annexing our own country to a foreign power.

Australian Politician Wants To Give a City To Chinese People

In the video above Dougal Cameron suggests creating ”freedom city” for the hard working Hong Kong people. This is an insult the every hard working Aussie battler who works just as hard or harder than any Hong Kong person.

Who built Australia into the wealthy prosporus place it is today? Aussie battlers, Aussie larikins did.

The idea that people from Hong Kong will somehow improve Australia is not only an insult to every digger that fought for this country but also every hard working Australian who helped to build this country from the beginning.

Only a fool would be so naive to just how insulting that section was. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard and Dougal Cameron wants to enter Australian politics with these types of thoughts? God help us all

Secondly, to suggest building a city within Australia for the Hong Kong people is one of the most traitorous things I could imagine.

Are Australians allow to enter this Hong Kong city? Dougal Cameron?

Does this Hong Kong city have it’s own laws or does it obey Australian law? Dougal Cameron?

Does this Hong Kong city have it’s own flag? Dougal Cameron?

Does this Hong Kong city have it’s own police force? It’s own military? Dougal Cameron?

Would the Australian defence force need to set up outside this ”freedom city” in case they decide to invade other parts of Australia? Dougal Cameron?

Will this Hong Kong city become an ally of the Chinese Communist party in China? Dougal Cameron?

What Dougal Cameron’s Youtube Channel Says About Him (Carnage House Productions)

Dougal Cameron runs the Youtube channel Carnage House Productions with his siblings. It’s not just him alone, he has the extra help of his brothers, which give them a huge advantage when it comes to building an audience.

More hands means that this Youtube channel should grow fast and have a large audience… But it’s a failure. The about section says that the channel was created in 2013 yet on average Dougal Cameron is lucky to crack 100 views on his Youtube channel.

The fact that these guys own such a failure of a channel, in my opinion is a reflection on how competent these guys are in every other aspect of their lives. Incompetent people cannot hide on social media, all of your work is out there for the world to see.

Dougal Cameron has a Youtube channel called Carnage House Productions, which seems to be a huge cluster of different niches. They have made many videos defending China (the ccp), also videos on drugs like magic mushrooms and a whole bunch of different sports.

Dougal Camerons Youtube channel is clearly pro-China, he has multiple videos defending many aspects of China’s behavior.

It’s also quite obvious to see that Dougal Cameron has some powerful connections to politicians (possibly through his parents). Because so many politicians that I don’t have access to, often appear on his Youtube channel.

Even though he’s pro China and get’s very little views. These interviews seem to be more of a favour to a friend than an interview for exposure. Australian politics has become sick in this way.

Building a Youtube Following Takes Hard Work And Intelligence

Apart from extremely attractive people and people who choose a niche that is so minute that there’s no competition. When we remove these and also other extremely talented people, for the average person trying to build an audience, it takes dedication and intelligence.

Oh, and also racially motivated audiences. ”Asian Boss” is a prime example of how to build an audience purely off the colour of your skin.

Obviously, there are many people who get lucky and find themselves with an audience overnight, and I bet I can explain why or how this happened. Mostly it’s good-looking people or experts in their field.

However, when we look at the political niche, an average Youtuber is competing with massive government-funded mainstream media teams of people. And they can hire better-looking people than you too. So, the only way around it, is to work harder and be smarter.

Learning SEO, how to clickbait, and how the algorithm works etc

When we compare what I’ve achieved with what Dougal Cameron has achieved, I think it’s a clear victory for myself.

Dougal has more people on his team, more supporters to collab with, more access to big name politicians and I speculate that he has more money to throw at building his audience than me too.

I’d also add that he’s younger and better looking too. This is an advantage that Dougal has too.

When we look at who has achieved more, I dare say that my audience is more solid, far larger and therefore my influence is more potent.

This in my opinion is evidence that I’m harder working and more intelligent than Dougal Cameron. Otherwise, with all of his advantages, he would have the ability to surpass my channel.

Dave Lee Verses Dougal Cameron

Finally, I’d like to point out that I’ve built my own Youtube channel to over 50k subscribers with seven videos over 1 million views each and one video at 2.5 million views.

I know just how much hard work it takes to build a Youtube audience on my own. If I had two other guys to help me build this channel, I’d easily have half a million subscribers if you take into account the network effect of having all those extra hands on deck.

To me, this is evidence on exactly how intelligent these guys are and how little they are willing to work to achieve something. I was able to achieve far more (over 10x more views and subscribers) with only a third of the manpower. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have the connections that these guys have.

This tells me everything I need to know about them….

Mark Latham And Jim Molan Appeared On a Pro-China Youtube Channel

The fact that Dougal Cameron was able to get such difficult-to-contact guests on his tiny channel is evidence enough to me, that he has connections to them somehow.

My understanding is that Jim Molan and Mark Latham would most probably not support giving away an Australian city to Chinese people from Hong Kong.

So, if these politicians are likely to oppose some of these ideas, it makes zero sense why they would appear on a Youtube channel that promotes such offensive ideas.

To Defend China Is To Defend Genocide

The majority of China watchers like Dave Lee (myself) are playing pure defence against China. We are not evil people who racistly want to attack the country for no reason.

This is ridiculous and most people like Dougal Cameron just ignore the real issues people like myself have about China. Dougal even went as far as to say that Dave Lee must be tricked by the deep state or something unintelligent like that.

China has been engaging in genocide for decades, dare I go through some of them, Uygurs, Tibetans, all black people, etc, and now China is planning on murdering millions of Taiwanese. If pushing back against genocide means I’ve been captured by the deep state, sign me up.

Why Rich Australian Kids Support Mass Immigration

If you were to be born into money, never having to compete with immigrants for low-paying jobs, then you’ll never see them as taking anything from you.

The majority of Australians who are in the lower classes have to compete directly with immigrants for low-skilled labour in Australia.

Another factor is, that most employers would prefer to hire an immigrant or someone on a visa from a developing country, simply because they don’t know Australian workplace laws and therefore are easily exploited.

This is one of many reasons why the lower socio-economic classes in Australia are somewhat against mass migration.

Wealthy families in Australia are never competing with immigrants for work, in fact the opposite. Wealthy families are the one’s who are hiring immigrants (mostly exploiting them) while born and bred Australians struggle to find work.

So, when you hear someone like Dougal Cameron talking about ”yeah, bring em in” there’s a good chance he’s looking at it from the employer’s point of view. I very much doubt he’s looking at this from a lower-class Aussie having to compete with immigrants for work point of view.

Final Thoughts On Dougal Cameron

At the risk of making this blog post over three thousand words long, I’d like to conclude with one thing.

People who are pro-China or pro-CCP in Australia who get into politics are a national security threat. Sam Dastyari, Gladys Berejiklian and Gladys Lui are all good examples on why we should be very careful about who we allow access to power within Australia.

Dougal Cameron has openly said that he’s received money from the CCP to study in a Chinese university, he was also a student of the Confucius Institute. Now, he’s unapologetically defending China in Australia.

Please don’t let someone like this get into a position of power.

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