Will China Force Australia To Develop Nuclear Weapons For Defense?

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As Hugh White has suggested many times in his books and interviews, Australia might need to take the idea of developing nuclear weapons seriously. This is coming under the threat of an increasingly aggressive China.

In the past, Australia has relied on the U.K. and then after WW2 the United States for its defense in Asia. Naturally the United States doesn’t want Australia to become self reliant, as this will reduce American influence over Australia.

This would also require Australia to spend far more on defense and then start to rethink who are its friends and allies in the region. This wouldn’t change everything, however, the geopolitical landscape in Asia would look radically different if Australia did develop nukes.

The days of taking any form of orders from the United States would be over, and so would any benefit this tight friendship bestowed upon us would disappear overnight.

Is Australian Becoming A Nuclear Power?

With such a small population of Australians, where a large percentage of the people who ”could” make decisions are immigrants from other countries.

And in my opinion, Australia should never allow people who were not at least born in the country to make serious decisions.

You would think that people like myself would have some form of position in the government as geopolitical advisors. A competent country would do this, but Australia would prefer to employ immigrants and incompetent fools for government roles as a general rule.

Imagine the Australian government having a blank slate to start from, imagine all the options that we could have if this were to happen. And then think… With the incompetent elites in Australia making such lifechanging geopolitical decisions, how much they would mess everything up.

Why Shouldn’t Australia Get Nuclear Weapons?

I don’t think many people realise how good we’ve had things under the American led world order. And you need to think deeply about what happens when people have it easy.

Australia used to have independent thinking Aussie people who were predominantly white European, who had the ability to carry weapons to protect themselves. Into a country of immigrants who dislike each other, have given all of their freedoms over to an ever increasingly authoritarian government.

This same Australian government hates the general public, and has very little respect, rather more of an increasingly bitter contempt for the general public. Very much like the British government which the Americans fought against.

If Australia Had Nuclear Weapons It Would Become A Dictatorship

Globalisation turned Australia from a bunch of people who had freedoms, into an immigrant led semi feudal/socialist system that’s becoming more authoritarian everyday.

During the 2020 to 2022 lockdowns over a flu, there was no safe place to avoid the Australian governments authoritarianism.

I doubt this would have happened if Australia was mostly inhabited by european Australians who still know the lessons that should have been past down through generations. The lesson was that we despise the British authoritarianism and we never wanted to become it.

Unfortunately, Australia has become what every Aussie in the past fought against. The ANZAC’s didn’t only fight against other countries, they also fought for our independence from British brutality. It’s sad that our government has become just as brutal as the old British system.

The independence of having a nuclear deterrent, would mean that the Australian government wouldn’t have to answer to anyone. And the lockdowns were prime example of how evil this government is. So, don’t expect merci if they get independence from the United States.

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