Can Chinese Rockets Reach Sydney?

I doubt the main stream media will report on this event in a serious way, because it will only scare the Australian people. When North Korea fired missiles over Japan, the reaction from the Japanese government was serious, sirens sounded, people fled. The reason why the Australian government will not take this seriously, is simply, because they are unorganised, incompetent etc

This has always been my thoughts on the matter and has been one of the many factors that drive my future predictions. I’d say that the probability of Australia suffering a serious bombing attack, possibly having Sydney nuked has now increased to highly probable.

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker was the first to spot a Chinese missile fly over Sydney around 6pm 27th September 2021. Turns out it was a Long March 3B rocket fired from Xichang which flew over the top of Sydney. To answer the question, does China have the capability to hit Australia with a missile, well, yes it does.

It’s no surprise to myself, as I’ve been a public China watcher for 6 years now. In 2019 I made videos on Youtube arguing that China would nuke Sydney first, if a conflict was to break out against USA. More recently (May 2021) the Global Times wrote an article explaining the need to deter Australia. The use of long range missiles was mentioned as one of those possible deterrents.

I’d argue that any missile aimed at Sydney would be a nuclear weapon, that would cause massive casualties and force Australia out of any conflict immediately. Check out my article here but please finish this one first.

What’s The Range Of Chinese Missiles?

Chinese made missiles have the capability of travelling around 15 thousand km’s. When you measure the northern most tip of China to the southern most tip of Tasmania in Australia, unfortunately this distance will not exceed 10 thousand km’s. Which means that China has the capability to bomb any part of Australia they choose.

Chinese missile flies over Sydney

Why Would China Send a Missile Over Sydney?

Well, recently Australia joined AUKUS which is a military pact with the United States and the UK. The announcement of AUKUS came with an arms deal to equip Australia with nuclear powered submarines. This was a clear warning that Australia would assist USA with balancing China’s maritime power in Asia. Naturally China was not happy with the news.

As you can see by the lead up to this missile flying over Sydney, China is using this as a serious warning to the Australian government that China has the capability and will use it’s missiles to bomb Sydney.

Footage of Chinese Missile Flying Over Sydney

Chinese missile flying over Sydney

Chinese Missile Flying Over Brisbane

6 thoughts on “Can Chinese Rockets Reach Sydney?”

  1. Why is this not a bigger deal even for msm? Am i missing something or is it ok to just send rockets over other countries.

    Thanks for the story. Cheers.

    • The msm is a tool used by the 1%, to manipulate Australian’s for their own gain domestically. Their goal is to steal from the Australian people. They don’t care if Australia survives the next decade.

  2. Well I should imagine there will be a scramble to arm northern Aus with ground to air gear in no time, I would have thought pine gap would be a natural target for aggressors?

    • A few years ago, I covered a story on my Youtube channel. Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons refuelled in Indonesia, then flew across the tip of Australia without any push back from the Australian air force. We are no more prepared today. Perhaps the 1% realise that allowing the general population to be a target, will help our allies in the region attain political will.

  3. The government was sold out many years ago, read The Gulag Archipelago, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, it’s been rolling out for at least 120 years, a change of government made absolutely no difference to anything in Australia… They are on the same team…

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