Why China is a Threat to Australia and Peace in Asia?

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In order to understand why China is a threat to the world, we must first examine its history as an economic powerhouse.

In 2011, China was experiencing rapid growth in its economy. This led to increased influence and power in the region, especially with regard to maritime trade.

The United States began taking notice of this development and became concerned about China’s growing influence and power.

This concern was only heightened by the fact that many countries in Asia were also experiencing rapid economic growth.

This led to increased tensions between these countries and China, which eventually resulted in what we know today as the “Maritime Trade War.”

Why China is a threat to Australia and peace in Asia

Why Is China a Threat To Peace Around Australia?

When you have a large economy, naturally your military might grows.

This is why President Obama gave a speech in 2011 called the pivot to Asia, letting Asia know that they would be watched more closely.

China’s rise was obviously a threat, 2008 was a tough year for America because of the global financial crisis, which did a lot of damage to us. China saw that as an opportunity to capitalize on our weakness.

Will China Start Invading Asian Nations Near Australia?

In 2011 and 2014, China began to build artificial islands in the middle of the South China Sea.

They claimed that these islands were part of their sovereign territory, but they were actually built on top of previously uninhabited reefs.

The dredging ships would suck sand off the floor of the sea and put it on top of these new islands so that they could grow over time into full-fledged artificial islands capable of supporting military operations.

It started with a few runways on some islands, then they built more runways, then they started building missile launching pads.

Then the US recognized that things were escalating quickly and they decided to militarize every single island in the area and point them at every ship going by.

Why China is a threat to the World?
Why China is a threat to the World?

Why Is China A Danger To Australia?

At the time, international politics was all about game theory. It was like gangsters in a shake: What if I do this? What will they think?

China’s argument was that they built these islands in the South China Sea to protect themselves. What do you think everyone else is passing through trading?

Why are there guns at the ports? In other words, China is saying: “You know what? We’re going to build an island here, and we’re going to put guns on it.

And then we’ll be able to protect ourselves.” The Philippines is a small island nation that relies heavily on trade to make its living.

The Philippines has always been a trading nation, and its economy has relied on shipping products through the South China Sea for centuries.

Does China Want To Control Australia?

But when China started building islands in disputed international waters, the Philippines felt threatened.

They went to an international tribunal in The Hague, where they ruled against China, and said, “Look, you don’t own the South China Sea, it’s international waters, so we can have free trade and everyone can get rich.”

And it’s a perfect signal to the world of China’s intent.

China is building a railway Road they have a built Road initiative which is building the old Silk Road from China all the way through pretty much through Iran.

Africa is also the sea but the thing is land is not as effective as the sea you can just put on a boat and then deliver it it’s cheaper it’s more efficient.

Is China Going To Attack Australia?

The idea behind this is that China wants to signal to the world of its intent, to make everybody poor and China rich; become the leader in Asia and dominate the maritime trade.

You get to choose who goes through and who doesn’t if you can’t get your ships through you become poor. Is this the biggest trade spot in the world?
I believe so.

As you know, the sea is where the money is.

And China has controlled it for centuries. They’ve built the old Silk Road and they’ve been spending money in countries all over the world to ensure their power and influence.

China has been this massive empire for centuries on end, every few hundred years or more has had a massive empire and ruled the world.

So if you think America ruled the world for such a long time, it’s been nothing compared to China. Not even a hundred years.

China has ruled for several hundred times throughout history, and they’re just returning to their norm. If you look at their history.

Some of their old empires were some of the most ruthless empires in history where they literally would make other nations subordinate nations and rule them with an iron fist.

Should Australians Fear a Powerful China?

China, throughout its long history, has used a simple system of control over its tributary countries: they would get these countries’ leaders to agree to be part of their empire.

In exchange for this, China would provide food and whatever else was needed by the leaders’ people, and it was a pretty good system.

Britain, however, wasn’t much of anything at this point, it was like a little third-world barbarian state that figured out how to build ships and sell drugs.

That’s what they did.

Through their military, which was the Navy, they managed to take out the biggest country in the world.

They took out China with their Navy, which decimated all of their ships. Other countries followed suit and took out China as well.

Why Does The World Fear a Rising China?

If you know what I mean, it’s like the disabled guy taking on the heavyweight champ. It just happened, it was a fluke of nature, but people see it as normal behavior.

But it’s not normal behavior, this is not normal behavior. The norm is for China to rule over everything with an iron fist.

I think it’s just a matter of time before this regime gets brutal. Like South Park, there’s an episode where they talk about Japan, and they say that the Japanese have such small penises.

I mean, Africans might take things more seriously than we do because they’re seven feet tall on average.

But they’re probably looking at us and thinking, “Those little white guys?” It’s not like America or Africa are close to being threats, we’re too far behind on technology.

So yeah, when you look at the maritime trade from Australia’s point of view, we have a great powerful friend that has protected our naval trade and maritime trade forever, so we’ve never had to protect our trade.

It’s just that we’ve gotten rich from simply trading because people protect us and we’ve fallen into the complacency that all of our trade is supposed to be safe.

It is created by first-world countries that have money. You only have that if you are rich. Your life is worthless if you’re in a third-world country and you don’t have money. That’s just the reality of the world.

It’s amazing how people don’t understand how the real world really works.

Now what we have is this great massive country, it’s a behemoth, for Australians to look down on China in any way shape or form is absolutely ridiculous. Their economy is 20 times larger than ours (and maybe more).

Think about this: there are 25 million people on the land mass called Australia, and a large percentage of them are immigrants who will just get on the next flight or boat out of here if anything goes wrong.

They’re only here for the Australian dollar. If it collapses, there will only be a few Australians left in the outback with sticks in their hands, fighting off the largest military in the world. That is pretty much our situation right now.

Our maritime trade is under threat because the South China Sea, as we just mentioned, is being aggressively claimed by China. And they’re continuously growing while the United States is slowly being pushed out of Asia.

Since 2011, the Chinese Navy has been commandeering fishing vessels from third-world countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, all these countries that just fish to feed their own populations because they’re third-world countries.

The Chinese Navy will go over there and actually take the ship and kill them.

And I’ve actually seen footage of them actually killing fishermen for no reason other than they were patriotic Chinese Navy and this is ours, you should know better. The Vietnamese and Malaysians have never fought over the territory before?

All they’re just happy to fish next to each other. You can’t just take an Australian dollar and make it your own.

The Australian dollar collapses there’s only gonna be a few Australians in the outback with a few sticks trying to fight off the largest military in the world.

That’s pretty much the situation we’re in right now and our maritime trade is under threat right now because the South China Sea as we just mentioned China is on the rise.

While China is rising, we need to ensure that Australia doesn’t collapse as well so we can continue to trade with them at sea and on land.

The United States has been slowly pushed out of Asia since 2011, and this has been happening consistently since 2014 when China began building artificial islands.

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