How Much Corruption Is In Australia?

The Australian newspaper reported one of the most outrageous cases of corruption I’ve heard recently. Gladys Berejiklian (former premier of NSW Australia) resigned recently because she had been accused of corruption by ICAC ”Independent Commission Against Corruption”. Gladys Berejiklian was first accused in 2020, after her phone was being tapped for approximately 12 months, since sometime in 2019. After gathering all that information, they were able to get enough to start a case.

Let's get our definitions correct : What is the definition of corruption? It's basically criminal, fraudulent or dishonest behaviour by someone in power.  

Gladys Berejiklian is Corrupt

If that’s the definition of corruption, then in my opinion, Gladys Berejiklian is extremely corrupt to her core. How often do we see someone being accused of doing something wrong and attending court for that thing. But, before that person has been charged for anything, the main stream media will defame the person regardless of whether they’ve been charged yet or not. Now, Gladys was accused for around a year and many damning things came out about her.

Does Gladys Berejiklian Have Integrity?

2020 Gladys Berejiklian claims to have acted in the highest levels of accountability. Is this true?

In the video above Gladys claims to have acted in the highest levels of accountability. Quote ” I was absolutely unaware, which is why I didn’t report anything” She then goes on to say that she’s acted in the highest levels of integrity too. This was all said in 2020, later in 2021 she resigned.

The fact that she resigned in 2021, does that mean that she was lying here?

Gladys Berejiklian Phone Was Wire Tapped

Her boyfriend was telling her about things that were either wrong or even possibly criminal. There was one phone conversation where Gladys was telling her boyfriend that she doesn’t need to know about that and leave me out of this etc.

Quote ''I don't need to know''. My issue with this statement in a private conversation, is that there seems to be an assumption from my point of view, that whatever he was going to tell her, was nefarious in the least.  

There is always the case for plausible deniability in politics, so that the people at the bottom can get away with whatever they can, and their higher up colleagues can simply turn a blind eye to any wrong doings below them. In my opinion, she is letting him know that she is okay with whatever dodgy, maybe even corrupt things he is doing, as long as she doesn’t get in trouble for it.

As she said above in the previous video, she said Quote ” I was absolutely unaware, which is why I didn’t report anything” which in my opinion is connected to the whole plausible deniability defence that all politicians like to lean on.

  • Doesn’t this go against everything these people are elected for?
  • Aren’t our politicians supposed to be held to a higher level of integrity than the unelected of us at the bottom?
  • Aren’t our politicians supposed to be on the look out for illegal activity, instead of covering it up?

My Experience With Gladys Berejiklian

Everything that I’m seeing play out here is totally in line with what I’ve personally seen, when dealing with Gladys Berejiklian. She does not have a moral compass in any way shape or form, human rights violations can happen right in front of her eyes and she will help out her powerful friends, instead of standing up for what’s right. Let me tell you my story.

A long time ago, I worked in a very low paid government job, I’d been on the job for almost 3 and a half years. When one day I started feeling pain in my hip, after getting an xray and seeing the doctor, then a specialist, I discovered that my hip was worn out. The specialist told me that I needed a full hip replacement and was surprised that someone in their twenties was to deal with such a life changing disability at such a young age.

After seeing a surgeon, I booked in my hip replacement for one year in advance, this was due to the waiting period on private health insurance. At this time in my life, everyone started to treat me differently, I became slightly a pariah. Someone who goes from being able to do sports and hang out with people doing those sports, to go to a disabled man who can barely walk, well, that’s a huge change in lifestyle.

The world was still at my feet, I had family, a girlfriend, loads of friends, a job still and something like a disability was not going to stop me getting some enjoyment out of life. Well…

I was extremely good at my job, my record was one of the best in the state, no joke. I was also quite popular at work too. But when my hip started to hurt, I couldn’t hang out with people at work, life was really just about surviving for the next 12 months of chronic pain, until I have my hip replacement.

Work started to get a little short tempered with me, they never respected my disability or the fact that I was in chronic pain everyday, just waiting for my hip replacement to get my life back.

After a year had past, there was two weeks until my hip replacement surgery, so, the next day was a quick check up with the surgeon, collect a medical certificate too, all before going in for the surgery 14 day later. Late the night before I told the union delegate (who I paid my union fees to for 3.5 years at this stage) that I was getting my medical certificate the next morning and he explained how to lodge it in the medical box, before work starts tomorrow.

Everything seemed okay, but it wasn’t…

The union delegate was in bed with management and they saw myself as a great target for stealing money from.

The next morning I turned up to work, filled out my leave form, put a copy of my medical certificate into the box, then prepared for what I thought was the home run of days until my long awaited hip replacement. Which I was extremely stressed about, it’s called ”preoperational anxiety”.

Then I was asked to go into the managers room, where they fired me on the spot. And demanded that I get off the premise immediately. I was threatened, bullied, harassed. One second I was about to start work, the next I’m being intimidated by 3 massive management employees, demanding that I clear out my locker and get off the premises immediately or they will call the police.

Eventually I left a few hours later, I tried to stand my ground, but the chronic pain in my hips meant that I couldn’t stand very long. It all happened so fast.

I went home unlawfully fired, unemployed, no sick pay because an unemployed person isn’t entitled to sick pay (one months sick pay evaporated). Then a bunch of bad things happened in the lead up to and after my hip replacement.

  • Financially ruined because of being fired
  • My dog died
  • Someone crashed into my parked car outside my place and didn’t leave any details
  • My roommates moved out and I ended up paying all the rent
  • My mother started abusing me in hospital because my disability made her look down on me
  • GF cheated on me because I was disabled

All of these terrible things happed to me, but out of all of them, the number one thing that could be changed was the fact that I was dismissed in the most unlawful way possible, so I had hope of getting my job back.

This was when I went to Gladys Berejiklian and told her my story, she said the usual ''oh that's terrible'' blah blah blah psychopath lies crap. Then she said I'm the boss and I'll get to the bottom of this. 

Later on I simply received a letter from Glady’s office saying that nothing can be done. She literally covered up a gross violation of human rights and the rights of a disabled Australian citizen and that was it. Game over, she protected her powerful friends.

This is prime example of the type of person she is, the type of person who will always know about corruption and dodgy things going on, but will figure out if she can cover it up or not. Whether it can be covered up, is the only thing that matters to her, not whether someone is committing a crime or human rights violation.

My story is far more brutal than most out there, so when someone like myself, sees how she covers up extreme human rights violations like mine. All you have to think about is, how many other crimes have been committed in front of her and she simply ignored them too? That’s the real question here, how many other dodgy things does she know about? A decade later, I’m still suffering from what Gladys Berejiklian did to me, imagine what other crimes did she ignore…

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