My Experience Under Lockdown In Sydney Australia

To start with, I want to make it clear that I do not consent to any of the new totalitarian laws that have been placed on the Australian people. When they (the Australian people) wake up and realise what they have lost due to these outrageous lockdowns, I want them to know that I have always been questioning the main stream narrative. Because when they do wake up from this mass psychosis and see the damage to their country, the economy, their family and friends, these people will become very dangerous. Perhaps even burning down entire cities. And when that day comes, the people behind the total destruction of our country will face rage from the Australian people that has never been seen before, just my prediction.

What is happening in Australia is truly shocking to me in every way possible, there seems to be some type of mass hypnosis or even psychosis happening. Nothing makes sense anymore, almost nothing the main stream media is saying makes any sense either.

I’ve always been one of those people who spends more time observing others and sometimes I simply scratch my head at what they do. This is one of those times.

The 3 main enemies to freedom in my state NSW are Glady Berejiklian (NSW Premier) Kerry Chant (Chief Health Officer) Brad Hazzard (Minister for health). These three have gone from elected politicians who are supposed to serve the Australian people, to totalitarian leaders who rule with an iron fist.

There Are Less People In The City

I’m currently living in Sydney CBD, right in the centre of the city. Over the past year and a half, there’s less and less people. Most of the people who have left are immigrants and visa holders who had no choice but to fly home, due to the strict lockdown laws which closed almost every business.

A year later, Gladys Berejiklian (NSW premier) made the restriction tighter. She restricted people’s ability to leave a 5 km radius from their homes, which means that I cannot visit friends and family that are outside this radius. Of course I disobey every rule these people put out there, because I don’t accept that they have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do.

But, because of these truly totalitarian rules, my city, Sydney has become a ghost town. Shops are closed for absolutely no reason, people have to check the government website or tune into the main stream media, just to find out what new laws have been invented by our government for tomorrow. Yes, the rules change on a daily basis, just like every dystopian nightmare horror movie you’ve seen.

Totalitarianism – Police State

There’s more police on the street than I’ve ever seen in my life. Whenever I see police, I avoid them as much as possible. Although the police are supposed to be used for good, the Australian police are currently being used for evil. As I stated above, we have less people in Australia now, yet the government didn’t fire any police, in fact the government gave them a pay rise and hired more of them.

So, we have an oversupply of police to a truly scary ratio and in order to justify their jobs, the police are actively harassing people in the street. The two goals of this harassment is to fine people (revenue raise) which pays for this police states salaries. And two, to report more ”crimes” to their superiors, just to justify having all these police in the first place.

The consequence of this is obviously the theft through fines of the already suffering Australian people, but also the harassment and sometimes violence against innocent people who are doing what they are told, obeying the laws etc but find themselves being set upon by state sanctioned thugs.

I was accosted by some cops recently. They had no reason to come harass me in the street, I was wearing a mask, walking alone, and there was literally no one around me. So, these thugs wearing badges came up to me and demanded I show them identification.

While looking at my identification, these scumbags pieces of shit then asked what country is my last name from. Pure racism. This made me so angry, considering that I’ve got relatives serving in the Australian defence force as we speak. My uncle fought in Vietnam, my great grandfather worked on the Harbour bridge and I’m about 1% Original Australian. That one comment started a white hot anger in me, that has not subsided since.

Kerry Chant Totalitarianism

Don’t start up a conversation with anyone.

Yes, she did say that. This is the type of dystopian nightmare the Australian people are currently dealing with. This is a good start for today, thank you for reading my article, I appreciate it. There’s so much to cover here, I might try blog more often about what I see and hear in Sydney.

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5 thoughts on “My Experience Under Lockdown In Sydney Australia”

  1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956),
    they call it “an epidemic of mass hysteria”.

    A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
    adapted to film in 1935
    shows the stages of revolution from
    aristocratic rule to working class rule
    in France.
    Both scare me honestly.

    V for Vendetta (comic book, not movie)
    shows forced human experimentation
    by the government on it’s people
    and then afterwards the systematic
    destruction of that totalitarian
    government by the sole surviving
    victim of that massacre.

    It’s like right out of a book.

  2. Dave, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and opinions in a very accurate and informative article.

    It takes courage to see the truth. You’re proof that good is the prevailing force over evil. It is all Australian’s duty to stand together to fight and defeat the tyrant oppressors.

  3. So good I found your blog .Sadly via searching for the Sydney missile shocker. It was made mention of by an American somewhere .I saw this situation coming from way back too . Please keep posting & sharing about your experiences .

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